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Sia shows the A List how it’s done http://davidatlanta.com/2016/02/sia-shows-the-a-list-how-its-done/ http://davidatlanta.com/2016/02/sia-shows-the-a-list-how-its-done/#respond Fri, 12 Feb 2016 13:08:45 +0000 http://davidatlanta.com/?p=137061 This month’s Beatbox goes all in on Sia’s new album and the only artist who can do cover versions of her own songs – and come out with something way more than a collection of B sides.

By DJ Marc J. Cubs

Oh Sia. You beautiful, weirdo. Your new album is awesome, and it’s almost as amazing as that giant wig of yours. I love your hair! I hope you win!

First of all, if the only thing you know about Sia is her song “Chandelier” then for shame! You’re losing in life. Do some research, then get her latest album This Is Acting which was released on Jan. 29. It’s the Aussie diva’s seventh studio album, and it’s easily just as good as her previous album, 1000 Forms of Fear.

Being the uber talented songwriter that she is – penning hits for Beyonce, Shakira, Christina, Rihanna, Katy, Britney, Kylie, and Celine, to list just a few – the super shy Australian decided to do an album full of “rejects.” They’re all songs that she originally wrote for other artists but they took a pass.

So why not create a “Bitch, I don’t need you” album full of those rejected songs? It’s genius.

This is Acting is superb. It’s full of emotions and power, and even though it’s essentially an album of passed-over songs, the 12-track collection is way beyond just a collection of B Sides. Far from it. They are deep, beautiuflly produced tracks that could – and should – have been lead singles for a lot of those artists listed earlier. Oh well, their loss.

Both “Alive,” the album’s lead single, and “Bird Set Free” were written for and recorded by Adele for 25, but obvs they didn’t make the final cut. Either one of these tracks would have easily made Adele’s stagnant 25 much more enjoyable by providing a much needed hard hitting track. “Bird Set Free” was also offered to the Pitch Perfect 2 movie. Random, I know.

Other noteworthy songs on This Is Acting originally written for A-List artists include “Cheap Thrills” for Rihanna and “Move Your Body,” which was penned for Shakira. “Footprints” was written for Beyonce and was inspired by a Bible poem or something (It wasn’t really my jammy jam, if you know what I mean).

One of the album’s brightest gems, and an exception to the “rejects” rule on the album is “One Million Bullets.” It was written by Sia for herself. BOOM, bitches! The track is probably the most Sia-ish song on the album, and it is quite impressive. Her distinct voice and vibrato give me the feels for reals.

In the end, Sia’s album is definitely bold, artistic and fabulous! Her ability to create such a complete and cohesively wonderful album with all these rejected yet amazing songs is a feat in and of itself. A lot of the songs could have easily been hits for other artists, but now she has crafted them into something new, something specifically her own.

You go, Sia! You go, girl!

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D List: 10 ways to pick up that guy http://davidatlanta.com/2016/02/d-list-10-ways-to-pick-up-that-guy/ http://davidatlanta.com/2016/02/d-list-10-ways-to-pick-up-that-guy/#respond Fri, 12 Feb 2016 12:44:46 +0000 http://davidatlanta.com/?p=137055 Staring isn’t getting you anywhere. From the first glance to keeping it real, these are the tried-and-true tips our readers told us can help you approach and seal the deal.

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VDay love (and lust) gift guide http://davidatlanta.com/2016/02/vday-love-and-lust-gift-guide/ http://davidatlanta.com/2016/02/vday-love-and-lust-gift-guide/#respond Thu, 11 Feb 2016 01:22:58 +0000 http://davidatlanta.com/?p=137045 Our Valentine Gift Guide helps you give the gifts that keep on giving, if you’re trying to get into his pants, or if you’re quite used to picking his pants up off the floor.

Whether you’ve been together forever or you’re just starting out, finding the right Valentine gift can be tricky. Never fear. We found things from super affordable to kinda spendy that say you thought about him for more than a minute while picking out his gift.



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Datebook: The week’s best events http://davidatlanta.com/2016/02/datebook-the-weeks-hottest-events/ http://davidatlanta.com/2016/02/datebook-the-weeks-hottest-events/#respond Thu, 11 Feb 2016 00:43:24 +0000 http://davidatlanta.com/?p=137033 Popular plays, killer parties, a show-stopping annual community cocktailing opportunity, and awesome anti-Valentine bar nights. Start making plans with our favorite gay Atlanta events of the week.


More straight-guy frontal nudity than you’ve seen since high school gym class hits the stage in one of the most popular musicals of all time. Still, the fun comes way before the highly anticipated nude finale. Opening Friday, Feb. 12, follow the “broke straight boys” fantasy in this endearing adult comedy.

Through Sunday, Feb. 28. Lyric Theatre, 548 South Marietta Pkwy SE, Marietta. atlantalyrictheatre.com


web_dj_silk_wolf_8001St. VALENTINE’S MASSACRE
When gay Goth Nite gets super-sized, it must be time to kick off Valentine Weekend. DJs Merlot and Horror Business join Hush Lounge’s DJ Silk Wolf (photo) to helm the annual event that celebrates VDay “by ripping out your cold dead heart, stomping it to a bloody pulp and then writing some terrible poetry about it.”

Thursday, Feb. 11
1287 Glenwood Ave SE


Photo by Denise Grant
Photo by Denise Grant

The bear-y leather party sweeping other cities finally hits Atlanta. All the boys get hunky and hairy with legendary Thunderpuss DJ Barry Harris spinning the local debut. Wear your leather and fetish wear, and enjoy go-go bears and cubs, cheap drinks and great music. Bear Skin sponsors and DJ Sean Mac opens. Find our preview in this issue of David Atlanta.

Friday, Feb. 12
2069 Cheshire Bridge Road NE


Joining Hearts invites all comers to its annual dip into Valentine’s Day that honors the singles among us as well as the couples. Kick off the JH fundraising year with complimentary cocktails and a cacophony of queers at Cantoni. DJ Mike Pope keeps the beat as you mix, mingle and flirt your way through the showroom. Catch our preview in this issue.

Saturday, Feb. 13, Cantoni, 1011 Monroe Drive NE. joininghearts.org


web_bound_8001BOUND TO YOU
There are all kinds of love, but in the end, it’s all about how we’re bound to each other. Engage the dancing go-go boys in light BDSM during this naughty VDay party. Love, lust or something in between this Valentine’s Day? Celebrate your version of bondage, and remember it’s all just a state of mind.

Saturday, Feb. 13
BJ Roosters
2043 Cheshire Bridge Road NE


web_Max_rupaul_8001BLACK HEARTS BALL

Can’t even with Valentine’s Day? You’re not alone. Max from “RuPaul’s Drag Race” comes to town to commiserate with you about it under the watchful eye of local alterna-dragsters Legendary Children. Work a look as black as your angst and be prepared for DJs Male and Silk Wolf to let you have it from the booth.

Saturday, Feb. 13
2069 Cheshire Bridge Road NE

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Hey, Daddy: Truth, lies and HIV http://davidatlanta.com/2016/02/hey-daddy-truth-telling-about-hiv/ http://davidatlanta.com/2016/02/hey-daddy-truth-telling-about-hiv/#comments Wed, 10 Feb 2016 21:06:45 +0000 http://davidatlanta.com/?p=137026 One guy puts all the responsibility for disclosure on poz guys. Another hopes ‘undetectable’ is a free pass. Still another writes off a friend for getting HIV in the first place. It’s time for some truth-telling.

Hey, Daddy!
Things are hot and heavy, and all the clothes are off. We’re dirty-talking up a storm about cumming, and right before I really start going to town, he stops me for a second then changes his mind. We do the deed – all the deeds – and he leaves. Then it hits me, what if he’s HIV positive and didn’t tell me? Help!
–Talk Of Orgasm Led Accidentally To Exposure

Even if we all agree that everyone should disclose his HIV status to sex partners every time, let’s also admit that it’s difficult. And hello, there’s definitely no use being flabbergasted if you never directly asked the question.

Yes, poz guys should disclose their status, and so should neg guys to the best of their knowledge, but let’s not kid ourselves. Only you can protect you, and that means having “the talk” before the dirty talk. Man up, put it out there, and get back to what you really want to talk about.

You ask, what if he’s HIV positive and didn’t tell you, maybe even lied to you by omission. Let me ask: What if he says he’s negative, and doesn’t know he’s actually positive? You are still in charge of your own status and behaviors.

Hey, Daddy!
I’ve heard a lot about guys whose statuses are “undetectable” because their HIV is well managed by all the good AIDS drugs on the market. If he’s undetectable, I’m good to ride the pony without a saddle, right?
–Right Into the Deed Eagerly

Dear RIDE:
Just because you can’t see microwaves, they are there. Same goes for HIV viral loads. Modern medicine has come a long way in the last 35 years, but it still can’t identify every last microscopic trace of HIV. The viral load is measured in parts per million, so when it gets below a certain level, it’s “undetectable,” but not gone.

Still, the term “undetectable” is used – and misused and abused – by a lot of gay men. “Undetectable” doesn’t mean non-existent, and it doesn’t mean HIV-negative. It does mean you’ve got a medication-compliant guy in your midst, and that risks of transmission with him are lower, but not impossible.

Hey, Daddy!
A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with HIV, and I couldn’t be angrier. I haven’t spoken to him since he told me, and I’m considering just letting the friendship die on the vine. I mean, it’s a terrible tragedy and all, but it’s not like he didn’t know how to prevent it. Don’t I deserve friends who are smarter than that?
–Still a Touch Indignant with a Grain of Moral Anger

True friends love each other unconditionally, and they stick around, not bolt in tough times. I assume you’re scared and not a jerk, and that’s understandable. Your buddy is going to be OK once he gets a handle on his situation, so the only “terrible tragedy” to worry about is leaving him stranded.

Whether you approve or not, there are reasons guys might stray from safer sex. Condoms can be cumbersome and distinctly not sexy. The heat of the moment, safe-sex fatigue or recreational substances might also influence decision-making. Maybe your friend is even depressed or feeling too unworthy to bother with safe sex.

You’re right about one thing, though: Be angry. At HIV, not your friend.

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Gay Valentine Dos & Don’ts http://davidatlanta.com/2016/02/gay-valentine-dos-donts/ http://davidatlanta.com/2016/02/gay-valentine-dos-donts/#respond Tue, 09 Feb 2016 20:00:34 +0000 http://davidatlanta.com/?p=137010 Keep the romance blooming with these suggestions to make, and not break, his Valentine’s Day heart.

By Dustin Shrader

Valentine’s Day is jam-packed full of pressure to get it just right. Expectations run high, especially in a gay relationship. You never know how far you should go or how much you should hold back.

Here’s a little secret: he wants you to do for him as much as he does for you. So if you have blown it in the past, take the reins and abide by the following these dos and don’ts. You won’t regret it.


Do send a surprise to his work. Sending a gift to his office, apart from typical flowers, is a novel approach to the big night ahead. It shows him and his workmates just how much he is loved.

Do make a homemade Valentine. Channel your inner-kid and craft a sweet forget-me-not. Store-bought cards are great and even can say all the things you can’t for those who aren’t good with the pen, but something made from the heart is incomparable.

Do play personal chef. Couples canbe hard-pressed to cook for each other on the reg, so doing something out of the routine is a fantastic way to break the mold. Breakfast in bed, or an authentic romantic dinner for two can be fun and educational for you and him.

Do take his breath away. Before the romantic dinner or even after, light some candles, run him a luxurious bubble bath filled with his favorite bath salts and scents. Climb in the tub with him and bathe him Pretty Woman style. Dote on his body and show him he is the only man in the world that matters.

Do put your feelings in writing. Nope not a card, email, text or IM. Sit down and write a real love letter. In your own handwriting and words, describe what he means to you. Tell him why he is the man of your dreams. You don’t have to be Shakespeare or Emily Bronte. Speak from the heart.

Do keep surprises coming. Instead of one over-the-top gift, opt for smaller, more meaningful gifts spread out through the day. Start with the smallest at breakfast, leave one in his car before he leaves for work, have something delivered during his 9-5, and maybe have something waiting for him as he arrives home.

Do remember the love. Valentine’s Day is all about romance, the ambiance, the passion. Take the time for the extra little things. Dressing for the occasion, putting love notes in his jacket pocket, an extra kiss in the morning or simply calling in the middle of the day. Try to see yourself as he sees you.


Don’t be lame and blank. Perhaps the absolute worst thing a significant other can do on Valentine’s Day is ignore it altogether. Mark your calendars. Give yourself daily reminders leading up to the big day. Whatever it takes.

Don’t buy him household items. Valentine’s Day may have been trademarked by Hallmark but it is still supposed to be more than practical. That new juicer he keeps talking about is not very romantic. Think outside the box.

Don’t repeat yourself. No matter how well last year’s ideas were received, don’t expect the same response again. Your man wants to know he is special enough for you to go above and beyond with a fresh, creative approach.

Don’t set ridiculous expectations. While your partner wants to be adored and cherished, life can still get in the way on Feb. 14. Go the extra mile, but don’t be too disappointed if a fender-bender or unexpected stomach bug hinders your plans. It’s just one day out of the year. Ask sincerely for a makeup day. Remember, he loves you no matter what.

Don’t blow your wad. Some couples tend to share finances and breaking the bank might not result in the lovefest you’re hoping to achieve. Keep your wits about you through all the excitement. Luxurious gifts can still be purchased on a modest budget.

Don’t spend the night wired. Get off your damn phone! For this one night, forget your love affair with Apple, Facebook, Twitter, the Gram and whatever else keeps you glued to your screen. Show him all your undivided attention.

Don’t pop the question. Yes, a proposal should be both magical and memorable. However, it won’t be if you propose on the same day every other Tom, Dick and Harry are also getting down on one knee. A special proposal connects you both as a couple such as favorite destination you enjoy or a specific day or spot where one of your favorite memories as a couple took place.

Don’t drop the “L” word for the first time. OK gents, if this is your first Valentine’s as a full-blown couple or if you are even still taking things slow, don’t get caught up in all the fuss and say “I love you.” Save it for that unexpected moment when you just know.

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Dear Valentine: It’s OK to be single http://davidatlanta.com/2016/02/dear-valentine-its-ok-to-be-single/ http://davidatlanta.com/2016/02/dear-valentine-its-ok-to-be-single/#respond Tue, 09 Feb 2016 19:36:46 +0000 http://davidatlanta.com/?p=137000 The love in the air around the Hallmark Holiday is enough to make some single gays sick. Take these tips for five ways to beat back the heaves that a lot of us would rather do instead.

We’re looking directly at you, Solo McSingleton. Now hear this: Valentine Weekend doesn’t have to be all Netflix and Nutter Butters.

Drop those ugly expectations you’ve built around one stinking day out of the whole year, stop beating yourself up, and be your own Valentine. You’re way better at it anyway, and we have just the list to motivate and empower you.

Keep it in perspective.

Start with a few tidbits to help you wrap your head around the VDay melee. First off, you are not alone. It’s estimated that more than 60 million people in the U.S. are single on Valentine’s Day. Secondly, remember that Hallmark quite literally invented the modern version of the “holiday” so that they could sell cards in the down-season after Christmas. Gotta love capitalism, but not at the expense of your self-worth.

Avoid braggers.

We all know those annoying humble-brag posts. “So grateful that my hubby is this amazing for getting me this on this special day.” Don’t worry, no one is really that happy. Still, bypass the urge to wretch and punch a bitch by just staying away too from social media on the Big Day. This year, you may want to avoid Facebook and Instagram on both Saturday the 13th and Sunday the 14th. We can help. Keep reading.

All the Single Ladies.

Your single gays are just as available as you are this weekend, because no one in their right mind does a random date on VDay. Can you imagine? Great expectations thwarted, gather your gays for a night on the town, or even a weekend away – Metropolis in Augusta would love to have your group for glamping.

Anti-Valentine Events

Gay Atlanta has your back when it comes to things to do that are the exact opposite of Valentine’s Day. You don’t need to drown your sorrows as much as celebrate your singleness at several awesome party options. Check out the Datebook in this issue, as well as the plentiful even ads for details on Mary’s St. Valentine’s Day Massacre on the 12th, plus BJ’s Bound to You, Joining Hearts’ Love on the Rocks and Heretic’s Black Hearts Ball on the 13th, or Sunday’s Bitter Ball at Ten  or Lips’ Red Hot Show & Sunday Brunch, to name just a few.

Treat Yo Self!

Who’s more deserving of your time or a trinket than you? Nobody, that’s who. Give yourself a Valentine present with a new do at Bubbles or a spa day at Blue Med. You don’t have to have a honey to get a gift – maybe one of the baubles from GCB or Barking Leather in this issue’s Valentine Gift Guide is just the right reward.


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5 things to know about Love on the Rocks http://davidatlanta.com/2016/02/5-things-to-know-about-love-on-the-rocks/ http://davidatlanta.com/2016/02/5-things-to-know-about-love-on-the-rocks/#respond Tue, 09 Feb 2016 19:30:59 +0000 http://davidatlanta.com/?p=136996 Joining Hearts launches into the 2016 fundraising season with its Love on the Rocks cocktail party and a headful of renewed steam against HIV/AIDS in gay Atlanta.

By Dustin Shrader

The locally loved Joining Hearts kicks off its fundraising year over Valentine’s Weekend with the annual Love on the Rocks event. This year, it does so with a broadened mission that now includes funding for HIV care and cure research, in addition to its ongoing work toward housing assistance for people living with the disease.

The change puts Joining Hearts in a position to work directly with community leaders, ASO’s, the City, concerned citizens, and HIV/AIDS experts to assess patient’s needs and define the best leverage funds to highly impact the current state of HIV/AIDS in Atlanta.

In addition to funding the worthy causes it benefits, Love on the Rocks is also an opportunity for gay Atlanta to show its love for each other. Here are five things you need to know before you going to the Feb. 13 event at Cantoni.

  1. Love & Friendship

The event was originally created to be a celebration of Love & Friendship for everyone in LGBT Atlanta. Fittingly, it returns to the Cantoni Furniture showroom the day before Valentine’s Day. LOTR celebrates its ninth year showing the love to all comers.

2. Beats, Bites, Bids, Beverages & Boys

Guests can expect heart-pulsing music from DJ Mike Pope and hors d’oeuvres by Bridge Catering. Miss Joining Hearts Maya Ross Monroe hosts, and the Joining Hearts “Heartthrobs” will be behind the bar keeping the love flowing with cocktails from Titos. The silent auction offers unique and one of kind items.

3. Money, honey

Love on the Rocks expands the Joining Hearts event roster with a unique opportunity to help raise additional money apart from its signature pool party and other fundraisers. General Admission access is $35 and VIP Admission is only $65 in advance and increases to $45 GA/$80 VIP at the door.

4. VIP Pass

Sign up to become a patron or sponsor, get not only VIP admission to Love on the Rocks, but special entry and consideration at other JH events this year: Change of Seasons tea dance at the Georgian Terrace on April 10, the Private Patron & Sponsor Appreciation Party, the Joining Hearts 29: Main Event pool party on July 16, and more.

5. Sip & shop.

While you’re there, posh furniture house Cantoni donates a portion of sales made during the event to the Joining Hearts. Go ahead, you know you want to.

BONUS: The host committee plans a few fantastic surprises this year that won’t be revealed until the party is underway.

Joining Hearts takes place at Cantoni, 1011 Monroe Drive NE, on Saturday, Feb. 13, 7 p.m. An afterparty takes place with DJ Robert Ansley at Henry’s Midtown, where 15 percent of sales goes to Joining Hearts. joininghearts.org

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Atlanta, get ready to Furball! http://davidatlanta.com/2016/02/atlanta-get-ready-to-furball/ http://davidatlanta.com/2016/02/atlanta-get-ready-to-furball/#respond Tue, 09 Feb 2016 19:26:02 +0000 http://davidatlanta.com/?p=136991 The Furball Dance Party, the gay men’s event gaining national attention while staying true to its furry heart and soul, makes it’s big ol’ hairy Atlanta debut.

By Dustin Shrader

If you think Furball is some sort of pet charity, think again. Originally conceived at NYC’s LGBT Community Center all the way back in 2004, Furball is now an effort like no other spanning dance parties in several big cities.

The furlicious party has grown into an increasingly a wild night for bears and bear lovers, and its set to make its Atlanta debut on Feb. 12. Now crowds in cites from Chicago to Provincetown, Fire Islans to New Orleans and DC, Dallas and London, have dubbed it a “be there or be bare” night for anyone and everyone.

DJs such as Frankie Knuckles, Barry Harris, Hifi Sean and Corey Craig have all made Furball their own. A “fun, inclusive dance party” with kick-ass music is ready to take the ATL by storm with Harris on the decks. Furball promoter Joe Fiore broke it down for David Atlanta on why our town had to be the next stop on his fur-filled list.

Where did inspiration come about for the event?

Furball started as a series I was running for the Center called Dance:208. At the time, bear dance parties were considered too niche – “bears don’t dance” – but by the second party almost a 1000 people had shown up, and Furball was affectionately nicknamed the Bear Prom due to the Center’s former high school locale. I wanted to throw a first class party with great DJs, music and atmosphere for a group that had till that point been marginalized by the mainstream gay culture.

Is it only limited to fur daddies and fur boys?

Furball may have started as a bear dance party, but now bears are anything but marginalized and a strong flavor in gay life. Fur daddies and boys attend in great numbers of course, but so do lovers of great music and dancing. Especially when DJ Barry Harris of Thunderous fame hits the decks!

What sets Furball apart from anything ATL has seen in the past?

Furball has a national profile now and is fun, inclusive, furry with great music and hot gogo bears and cubs. The music is key and energetic and the boys love to dance. Furball also brings a NYC flavor – humor, inclusiveness and edge coupled with great music and a sexy atmosphere – with a touch of fetish/leather. Furball has blasted Chicago – DC – New Orleans and NYC in the past year breaking attendance records with the furry boys staying around all night.

What can we expect?

You can expect great music, hot guys, gogo bears and cubs, a fun sexy atmosphere. Cheap drinks and cheaper guys. no attitude, and party that plans to go all night.

Why the decision now to bring it to ATL?

Atlanta has a great bear scene and a great club scene and history. The Heretic is a great locale with a long history of fun parties and major talent. I felt the time was right.

Will it become an annual event?

I hope so – perhaps even more often!

Anything else you’d like to include for all of us Southern fur lovers?

Furball started as a first class party for bears who were at the time not always treated that way by the community at large. I am glad to say times have changed and bears are hotter, but the Furball philosophy of being a party for everyone has continued. Everyone can be sexy and have fun.   And as the name implies, I do not take myself too seriously and want Furball to be a great night out of fun and dancing. I am looking forward to another great evening in Atlanta!

Furball brings the house down at Heretic on Friday, Feb. 12, at 10 p.m. Visit hereticatlanta.com. Photo by Dick Mitchell. Click play below for a taste of Fur!

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