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HRC Gala Dinner & Auction
The Atlanta event that defines see-and-be-seen for some fires up its followers for the 29th year. The 2016 “Beyond Marriage” theme puts on speakers, awards, as wel as local and national politicos to celebrate LGBT rights victories while calling for more work to be done. You betta tux up and gown down, y’all. Read our preview in this issue of David Atlanta.

Saturday, April 30, 5 p.m. Hyatt Regency Atlanta, 265 Peachtree St. NE. hrcatlanta.com

bob_the_drag_queenRosebud with Bob the Drag Queen
The Georgia-born Brooklyn transplant hits Atlanta with a full head of steam behind his current-season run on “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” The appearance headlines this Legendary Children dance party with a butt contest, portrait studio, DJs Male and Electrobixx, and Brigitte Bidet corralling the queens.

Saturday, April 30, 10 p.m. Heretic, 2069 Cheshire Bridge Road NE. hereticatlanta.com

AtlantaBucks_DavidAtlanta Bucks Rugby
The gay hometown heroes – literally, their good works earned them last month’s David Hero award – hit the pitch in a match against Charleston’s squad for burly man-on-man action. No not that kind, but still. Big bear-y boys guaranteed. Cheering fans and swooning singles encouraged.

Saturday, April 30, 1 p.m. Boulevard Crossing Park, 500 Englewood Ave. SE. atlantabucksrugby.org

Thriving Children Gala
Supporting Lost N Found Youth is a no brainer. Working together against LGBT teen homelessness makes even more sense when your reward for the evening is a gay-run, sit-down fashion and hair show, plus performances by none other than “RPDR” alum and Cher impersonator Chad Michaels.

Friday, April 29, 6:30 p.m. Fox Theatre, 660 Peachtree St. NE. atlthrivingchildren.org

The one and only arrives knowing all you want in the world is to be stung by Queen B. Well, the time has come, so all you can do is get there, submit and O-bey the Bey. Study hard, honey, because these are the moves acolytes will be trying to emulate for months to come.

Sunday, May 1, 8 p.m. Georgia Dome, 1 Georgia Dome Drive NW. beyonce.com

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Back to basics: Jock straps & Tighty whities http://davidatlanta.com/2016/04/back-to-basics-jock-straps-tighty-whities/ http://davidatlanta.com/2016/04/back-to-basics-jock-straps-tighty-whities/#respond Tue, 26 Apr 2016 18:23:18 +0000 http://davidatlanta.com/?p=138155 Set aside underwear as fashion for a minute. Here’s six things gay guys love about the good ol’ traditional undergear staples.

By Mike Fleming

Is it just us, or is everyone obsessed with jock straps and tighty whities these days? Not that their popularity ever went away totally, but it seems like more and more guys are hearkening back to the good ol’ days of their earliest gay fantasies.

Whatever the case, it’s like these tried-and-true staples went on hiatus and are back in full swing. You can’t grab an ass in a gay bar these days without sliding your hand into a ‘70s porn flashback.

Here are our six favorite things that make jocks and tighty whities so great.


    1. High School Fantasies

web_jock2_800 - 1For some of us, the first time we saw other boys in their underwear was in gym class. Once we learned what that “special feeling” meant about our orientation, it never went away. Neither did our affection for the underwear that started it all.

      1. Business in front, Party in back

Sometimes the appeal of underwear is leaving it on a while. One way to do that in tighties is through the rarely used Y-front. And even if access in those was all business in the front door, back door-entry jock straps are party in the back. No one is complaining.

        1. No Bunch

Both of these tried-and-true favorites are great with jeans and khakis because they don’t bunch up in your pants. And over and above going commando, they keep your business in check as well as leave one last layer to play with before taking them off.

          1. web_jock_800 - 1Masc 4 Masc

We kid about guys who go over-the-top about masculinity, even as far as being downright homophobic about traces of femininity. No sir. Still, those extremes aside, there’s something awfully sexy and inherently butch about an exclusively male garment that touches everything you want to touch.

            1. Man Made

Speaking of exclusively male garments, being made for a man comes with some practical advantages. The sportswear culture means these garments are built for physical activity. When in motion, you want the equipment hanging away from the body and free from two of your most active parts, the legs. You’re kept safely in the upright and locked position.

              1. The Look.

When it comes right down to it, jocks and briefs look good on most guys because they cut to show off the body parts in and around them. Higher-cut leg openings than boxers make your legs look their longest, and the full-elastic waist and legs keeps them close to the body without sagging. What’s more, there’s just something sexy about practicality and tradition. This is the guy who has all of that sexy look, but in a fashion choice that says he doesn’t try to hard too achieve it.

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Hey, Daddy! Truth killed the mood http://davidatlanta.com/2016/04/daddy_tough_talk/ http://davidatlanta.com/2016/04/daddy_tough_talk/#respond Tue, 26 Apr 2016 17:08:23 +0000 http://davidatlanta.com/?p=138147 Just because you don’t want to talk about it, whether personal, sensitive or otherwise difficult, doesn’t mean you can avoid it. In fact, quite the opposite.

Hey, Daddy!
My partner’s breath smells like he spent the night eating the ass of every guy on the local gay rugby squad. And he probably did. Well, not the entire squad, but… Anyway, that he’s an ass-eating slut is fine by me, but how do I broach the topic of his stank ass breath? Like, literally. It is stank ass. I want to kiss him, but I figured pulling on a hazmat mask first would kill the mood. Help!
– Guy Repulsed Over Smelly Situations

Your situation may be phrased creatively, but it’s common: No one wants to tell the guy, but everyone wants someone to tell him soon.

You owe your partner the truth. Communication is almost always better than letting a situation fester. Try the good old compliment sandwich: Deliver the news between bits of praise.

“The whole team knows you’re the best in town at eating butt, but you do yourself a disservice by not gargling afterwards. The rest of you is so hot that if you fix the breath issue, we’ll all be back line for the amazing service.”

Even if it takes a minute, he’ll appreciate it.


Hey, Daddy!
I am newly diagnosed with HIV, and I’m learning to navigate my life with daily drugs, doctors, toots, and oh yeah the crippling stigma.

Obviously, I’ve never been good about having “the conversation” before sex. Even now that I basically have to, I don’t want to kill the mood like, “Hey listen I might kill you or whatever. Let’s fuck.”

How do I say it without ruining my chance of getting laid or increasing the chance of him hating me?
Look, I’m Still Troubled Even Now

Listen, LISTEN:
I’m glad that your HIV diagnosis hasn’t stopped you from pursuing your life. Part of the process does include harsh realizations, but the a-ha moments may not necessarily be the ones you think.

Stigma still does exists. Someone’s negative judgment can be directly in the path of getting a job or apartment, or it can just be general disapproval that you face. In the former case, you may have recourse. In both cases, you can internalize their shame or reject it.

But let’s get real about misconceptions from which you can free yourself now. For example, lots of people talk about about HIV before sex, not because they “basically have to,” but because they should. Secondly, you didn’t “obviously” have a problem with the talk just because you have HIV, because some folks discuss it and still contract the virus due to various other circumstances. And we could go on about legal and moral issues, arguments and implications, but you’re not going to kill him, and we are each responsible for our own behaviors and risks. All of these poor assumptions on your part are actually part of the stigma you dislike so much, so stop buying into it.

I recommend couching HIV-status conversations between sex partners in all the fun safe or safer sex activities you want to try on each other, as well as the prevention methods you both prefer. It’s just like any difficult talk: Do it with authenticity and sensitivity, and let the other guy decide for himself.

You say he might hate you, but I say if he does, the lay wasn’t going to be worth it. If he does want to get down, you can both go for it with clear heads. Either way, the truth shall set you free.


Hey, Daddy!
It’s time to break up with my boyfriend, but he’s so stuck on me that I’ve just been sort of “phasing him out” instead of making a clean break. I feel bad about dumping him because he’s a super sweet guy. What should I do?
Sorta Angstly Disapointment For A Charming Ex

Hard conversations are hard. Welcome to the big leagues. Stop feeling bad for the breakup and start feeling bad for stringing the guy along. Now fix it by ripping off that Band-Aid. There, isn’t that better?

Daddy loves his boys. He knows the answers you need, and you’re going to get them. Reach out with your burning questions via our editor, mike@davidatlanta.com, and put “Hey, Daddy” in the subject line.  Warning: Advice in this column is intended for entertainment and novelty. Proceed at your own risk. If you’re in trouble, ask a professional for help.

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David Hero for April: Pup Nitro http://davidatlanta.com/2016/04/aprils-david-hero-pup-nitro/ http://davidatlanta.com/2016/04/aprils-david-hero-pup-nitro/#respond Tue, 26 Apr 2016 16:42:46 +0000 http://davidatlanta.com/?p=138166 A former Mr. International Leather Boy, “Pup” Nitro Hankinson is genuine guy who continues to go above and beyond for gay Atlanta through personal loss and heartache.

One-half of Atlanta’s gay leather power couple, he and the community recently lost his partner, Alan Penrod, also a local and international titleholder. Together, they forged and expanded ATL’s leather culture, cultivating numerous events and non-profit entities benefiting a myriad of worthy causes.

Since Penrod’s passing, Nitro has pushed on in his partner’s honor, spearheading their beloved and even set up a foundation in Penrod’s name. David Atlanta caught up with Pup after Atlanta Leather Pride 2016, perfect time to honor him as April’s David Atlanta Hero. 

What drives you to work on the projects you do?

Atlanta Leather Pride was founded by myself and SIR Alan Penrod in 2010, and I am the co-producer of the two events. I am also a co-founder of the Hotlanta Rubber & Gear Club alongside some great guys.

My drive comes from both my personal enthusiasm, and my love for the Leather/Kink Communities. I am a very fun-loving person in general, and I also want to make sure that people can see how much fun we can have in this community.

Southeast Black & Blue focuses on providing BDSM education to those that want to learn about it. Hotlanta Rubber & Gear club helps folks embrace the Rubber and Gear kinks, and Atlanta Leather Pride provides a fun space for folks from all parts of the community to come together and celebrate our kinks and our diversity. All of them in one way or another raise money to benefit others.

How much money was raised during this month’s Atlanta Leather Pride?

ALP 2016 raised over $6,000 for the Leather Heart Foundation (LHF). LHF provides emergency financial assistance to members of our community that have fallen on unexpected hard times. The funds from ALP, along with some other donations, have been used to form the SIR Alan Penrod Bare Necessities Fund at LHF, because without having your bare necessities covered, you can’t make a life for yourself.

Would you share a little about your late partner and his legacy?

Sir Alan Penrod and I got together in September 2006, and we have had a lot of fun and laughs over the years. It has always been an honor of mine to stand by his side along with our boy David, our family Dylan, Jonathan and Eddie, and our amazing brothers sisters and friends. Together we have helped to create and nurture events and community activities to help people party and have a lot of fun. SIR Alan is an avid educator both professionally and personally, and that education he has provided will continue to benefit people for a long time to come. First and foremost Sir Alan wanted to have a good time, see people laugh and smile, and fill every minute with love and happiness in his heart and the hearts of his family and friends.

How long have you lived in Atlanta?
This year marks 10 years since I moved to Atlanta from the Augusta area.

Current occupation?
I am an IT Business Analyst. Yes, it’s totally as exciting as it sounds.

What do you do in your spare time?
I spend my spare time in the gym, playing video games, enjoying time with my family and friends, and playing with our dog Sandy.

Favorite Atlanta hotspot?
Hands down my favorite ATL Hotspot is the one and only Atlanta Eagle.

Anything people would be surprised to learn about you?
Most people don’t know that I’m a classically trained singer.

Photo by Stefan Shagwell from Atlanta Leather Pride 2016.

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Gaycation time! 4 summer road trips http://davidatlanta.com/2016/04/gaycation-time-4-summer-road-trips/ http://davidatlanta.com/2016/04/gaycation-time-4-summer-road-trips/#respond Tue, 26 Apr 2016 16:37:02 +0000 http://davidatlanta.com/?p=138159 May brings warmer temps, guys in shorts, and gay-tastic getaways to cities and events within driving distance from gay Atlanta

By Jason Mietelski

It’s that time of year again, guys! So gas up your rides, pack up your coolers, speedos and beach chairs, because the summer season is almost upon us.

Pay attention, because David Atlanta has some fabulous road trips in mind for you. No matter what your appetite, there’s plenty to do and enjoy this summer. Get up, get out, and let your your wildest imaginations come to live. Oh, and don’t forget your selfie-sticks!

Asheville, North Carolina
For a relaxing getaway, Ashville provides the perfect backdrop for a quaint retreat for you and your boo or a threesome too. There’s plenty to discover and explore, from their vibrant local art scene to a night out on the town.

Check out The Applewood Manor Inn, applewoodmanor.com, which prides itself on “country in the city”, offering guests breathtaking views and a pet-friendly place to get away and relax; or The Beaufort House Inn, beauforthouse.com, which once claimed Charlton Heston as its owner and sits majestically on acreage in the center of Asheville’s Chestnut Hill Historic District.

For one of the best shopping experiences in the South, visit the Biltmore Antiques District, featuring 10 stores filled with antiques and malls located within two miles of The Biltmore Estate, where your aforementioned Vanderbilt moment awaits. At night, get your groove on at Scandal’s. scandalsnightclub.com For more information on all that’s gay in Asheville, visit romanticasheville.com/gayandlesbian.html


web_Pensacola_800 - 1Memorial Weekend in Pensacola
What better way to kick off Stonewall Month this year than making the five-hour trek to the Gulf of Mexico, where you can frolic in the warm ocean with thousands of sexy men by day, and dance the night away until the sun rises over the beach?

This normally sleepy tourist town expects upwards of 200,000 scantily clad gays to attend this year, so look forward to non-stop, cocktail-fueled parties, the ubiquitous “show your cock for a jello-shot” stands, and plenty of opportunities to meet guys. Whether it’s twinks, jocks, muscle boys, bears, leather daddies or just plain eye candy you’re looking for, you’ll find it in Pensacola this year.

Hotel reservations are already going fast. One of the most popular places to play and stay is the Portofino Island Resort, which is located on the beach itself and is host to many of the afterhours parties. portofinoisland.com

Take advantage of shuttles provided by Emerald City, a hot dance club just minutes from the beach. Thursday May 26 kicks off with FOREPLAY, featuring DJ R; Friday is STRIP DOWN with DJ Blacklow; Saturday it’s time to SWEAT; Sunday features DJ Joe Gauthreaux spinning the “FRICTION” GLO PARTY; and Monday the festivities close with a CLIMAX DRINK N’ DROWN with DJ R. emeraldcitypensacola.com

During the day the most adventurous guys will have the opportunity to enjoy the ocean with parasailing, water jetting and wave-runner rentals, which start at around $40/hour. Visit radicalrides.com, or check out Bonifay Water Sports, bonifaywatersports.com, to reserve a space in one of their new jet-ski dolphin and nature tours.


web_OMW_GAYCATIONS_800 - 1Gay Days Disney/ One Magical Weekend
Mark your calendars for June 3- 5, and prepare to get your Peter Pan on as you frolic in the land of make believe. This is the circuit-style party you didn’t know you needed but so did.

The gays take over Disney from 11 a.m. -6 p.m. with pool parties at the B Resort and Spa. This isn’t called “Therapy” for nothing. You can also visit the indoor vendor GayBiz expo to do a little shopping and make up to date purchases on all the latest fashions.

There’s also the kickoff Riptide at Typhoon Lagoon on Friday, “The Main Event” on Saturday, and The Finale on Sunday.

Each night, Mango’s Orlando hosts “Cadabra” afterparties, which go until sunrise, giving you plenty of time to meet that hot guy you’ve had your eyes on all day.

See our full preview in this issue of David, and visit onemagicalweekend.com.


web_savannah_800 - 1Savannah/Tybee Island
Known as the jewel of Georgia’s enchanting coast, Savannah is a beautiful city of 130,000 eccentrics, artists and folks that’ll dazzle you with their southern charm, happy to welcome Georgia gays looking for a weekend of shopping and soaking up the sun.

The city has many historic homes open for public tours, and the art scene is vibrant. Check out the Telfair Museum of Art , telfair.org, the oldest art museum in the south housed in a stunning mansion built in 1818. Also, there’s the contemporary Jepson Center for the Arts which was opened in 2006.

For a night out on the town, do Club One down on the river for drag shows and dancing to your favorite hits. For a lively chat with locals, there’s Chuck’s Bar just down the way, which prides itself as being the best dive bar in town.

Make sure to jet over to Tybee Island, where you can relax on the beach and catch some rays, take a tour of Fort Pulaski National Monument (nps.gov/fopu/index.htm), or grab a bite to eat at the Crab Shack (thecrabshack.com).


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Larger than life: One Magical Weekend http://davidatlanta.com/2016/04/larger-than-life-one-magical-weekend/ http://davidatlanta.com/2016/04/larger-than-life-one-magical-weekend/#respond Tue, 26 Apr 2016 16:12:55 +0000 http://davidatlanta.com/?p=138150 Going big is all in a day’s work for Disney’s annual Gay Days and its party-series complement, One Magical Weekend.

By Mike Fleming

It’s only a tease to say that the annual One Magical Weekend is a party like no other. The massive annual gay dance rager ups the regular fun of Disney World 10 notches with circuit-style dance parties that mix with the miraculous wonders of the Magic Kingdom.

Then the fun just keeps escalating from there. Going into its 26th year, some 150,000 attendees from all over the world are expected to continue the tradition of being the largest recorded annual LGBT event that’s not a traditional Pride celebration.

Stemming from a simple one-day event in 1991, called “Gay and Lesbian Day at Disney,” the original party brought in a guestimated 1,000 red-shirted attendees. Donning the motto of “Wear Red and Be Seen,” attention swelled, and the numbers blossomed year after year. People still show up to the park and often wear red, but that’s only the beginning of One Magical Weekend.

This year’s three-day event is generating buzz yet again with plentiful rainbow events featuring 19 international DJs. Starting on Friday, June 3, the parties run morning to night. Check out these must-see enchanted hotspots as just the brightest highlights of an all-day party schedule through Sunday. 


Riptide: Typhoon Lagoon Waterpark
DJs Alexander and Eddie Martinez
Starting with a bang and spanning an entire 52-acre fantasy water park, 6,000 party boys and girls wearing as little as possible dance, surf the water rides, and chill inside this gargantuan playground. The DJs will keep the sparks flying well into morning.


The Main Event
Disney’s Hollywood Studios
DJs Twisted Dee and Nina Flowers

Jump on screen and step into the fantasy world of movies for an iconic night. Only Hollywood can produce a spectacle of this magnitude. For six uninterrupted hours, guests enjoy the park’s Tinsel Town vibe. Get your close-up on Sunset Boulevard, or strap yourself in for the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster by Aerosmith, a super speedy indoor inversion coaster starring the band.

Just when you think you can’t take anymore, the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror falls and rises at rapid speed through otherworldly sequences until your mind flips. Once rides close at 2 p.m., the street party blasts into beat with two Atlanta favorite “Twisted” Dee Martello and “RuPaul’s” finalist DJ Nina Flowers. 


EpcotWorld Showplace
DJ Rosabel (Abel and Ralphi Rosario)

Beginning with drinks and rides at Epcot, get ready for an award-winning fireworks extravaganza from a VIP viewing area, then head over to the Isle of France for a tumultuous finale transporting you into an ultra-hip nightclub complete with a divine light show, surrounding video walls, six-color lasers and mouth-watering go-go dancers. The aquatic environment lives up to the event’s “Deep” name, taking you so far under the sea that you’ll be calling King Triton “Daddy.”

For tickets and more information, visit onemagicalweekend.com.

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HRC Gala: ‘All Rights for All People’ http://davidatlanta.com/2016/04/hrc-gala-all-rights-for-all-people/ http://davidatlanta.com/2016/04/hrc-gala-all-rights-for-all-people/#respond Tue, 26 Apr 2016 15:59:57 +0000 http://davidatlanta.com/?p=138144 HRC Atlanta pulls out the stops to take the LGBT Movement ‘Beyond Marriage’ at its 2016 Gala Dinner & Silent Auction with actress Kate Beckinsale in tow.

By Mike Fleming

Amidst sweeping changes for gay rights in the past few years, Human Rights Campaign Atlanta continues to work diligently to be the local push behind the national organization’s efforts to globalize LGBT rights.

The organization’s signature black-tie event, the annual Atlanta Gala Dinner & Silent Auction, is set for Saturday, April 30. It celebrates the hard-fought battles over the previous year, while preparing for the next chapter. Past galas have highlighted award recipients and keynote speakers like Jim Obergefell, Dr. Jill Biden, Sam Champion, John Lewis, Matthew Morrison, Andy Cohen and Maya Angelou.

This year, actress Kate Beckinsale will be the special guest and receive HRC’s ally award. After a banner year with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling for marriage equality in the Obergefell case, this year’s 29th Gala theme is Beyond Marriage: All Rights for All People.

“We wanted to emphasize that while, not taking away from the gravity and the wonderful nature of the supreme court’s decision in 2015, that there are still a number of areas in the law, where LGBTQ persons are not recognized as people under the law,” says Andrew Land, who serves on HRC’s Board of Governors and acts as a liaison between Atlanta’s local chapter and the national organization.

“Marriage, while a great accomplishment, is not the end, and that’s unfortunate,” Land says. “We wanted to highlight that there is work to be done, specifically in the areas of credit, housing and public accommodations. We certainly see the efforts being made by some factions, which I think that’s the nicest way I could put it, in this state, in North Carolina, and Mississippi, to try and roll back some progress through laws that are not needed, and are nothing except discriminatory.”

And HRC is doing just that, along with valiant allies such as Georgia Equality. The two groups fought side by side to strike down the passing of the state’s anti-gay House Bill 757 in the most recent legislative session.

“We are so thankful for the work that Georgia Equality does,” Land gushes.

Honoring such determination, GE is set to receive the 2016 Dan Bradley Humanitarian Award. Receiving the Leon Allen and Winston Johnson Community Leadership Award is Q100’s The Bert Show for distinguished service and leadership.

“We’re thrilled with their partnership with the whole community,” Land says.”They are wonderful, wonderful allies of everyone in the LGBTQ community, and of course anybody who is pro-equality, be they LGBTQ or not.”

During the dinner and beyond, the organization will vocally back its endorsement of Hillary Clinton for president in the November election.

“Certainly one of the largest priorities is the electing of a president who is pro-equality,” Land asserts. “We believe, as an organization, that she is perfectly suited to be president as an advocate for LGBTQ rights, and we believe that that time has come.”

This year’s Gala Co-chairs, Michael Caston and Ivette Lopez, have put forth a tremendous effort alongside the local board, so all that’s left is for you to tux up, or gown down, and attend.

The HRC Gala Dinner will be Saturday, April 20, at Hyatt Regency Atlanta. For more information and tickets, visit hrcatlanta.com.

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Read our Summer Travel Issue http://davidatlanta.com/2016/04/read-our-summer-travel-issue-now/ http://davidatlanta.com/2016/04/read-our-summer-travel-issue-now/#respond Tue, 26 Apr 2016 12:47:49 +0000 http://davidatlanta.com/?p=138171 David Atlanta

Volume 19, Issue 17  |  April 27, 2016

Summer gaycations, David Atlanta Hero for April, HRC Dinner, Tighty Whities, One Magical Weekend, and more.

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Bitch Session: D&A, bottom shaming, cut a bitch http://davidatlanta.com/2016/04/session-shaming-cut/ http://davidatlanta.com/2016/04/session-shaming-cut/#respond Mon, 25 Apr 2016 12:16:44 +0000 http://davidatlanta.com/?p=138137 If it’s not one thing, it’s another. If you’re not a bottom boy being shamed, you’re having to cut a bitch or someone is belittling your dreams. Read this week’s Bitch Session, then send yours to Bitch@davidatlanta.com, or text them to 404-969-BTCH.

When that fake perkiness and bullshit optimism finally crosses your line on the wrong goddamn day, and you have to cut a bitch.

A little of me died when you left. But guess what? The rest of me didn’t! I will survive!

Always hated how, when you say ‘thank you,’ it somehow feels like ‘You are dismissed.’

You stopped being interesting like three hangovers ago.

Y’all! Please stop bottom shaming. We need bottoms! What would the D do without the A? Support and praise your bottom boys! Amen.

Go sell Mean Bitch someplace else. No one here is buying.

Come on now. Stating straight-up lies with conviction may snow some people, but to the rest of us you sound like a lunatic.

My only bitch is that we need fewer bitches and more love. Love yourselves! You are fabulous, Atlanta!!!

I’m sorry daddy ostracized you, but it’s time to stop the excuses and self-sabotage and rely on yourself.

Don’t mark your message urgent. I set my own priorities, thanks though.

When did being a man turn into belittling everyone else’s dreams? You rise up on the shoulders of others, not their backs.

I’ve been holding back. Dismiss or talk over me one more time, and you will learn what it is to let a bitch have it.

Send your bitches to Bitch@davidatlanta.com, or text them to 404-969-BTCH.

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Obsessed: Bears make the gays go round http://davidatlanta.com/2016/04/obsessed-bears-make-the-gays-go-round/ http://davidatlanta.com/2016/04/obsessed-bears-make-the-gays-go-round/#respond Thu, 21 Apr 2016 18:15:52 +0000 http://davidatlanta.com/?p=138105 Happy Atlanta Bear Pride, everyone! I’m obsessed with Bears, and I’m of course referring to gay men who have big hairy bodies and facial hair, in case you were unaware what that meant. As if. The bigger the beard, the bigger my smile.

By Tony Gowell

Bears are stocky and/or muscular, and often refer to themselves as having a kind of natural masculinity because of their rugged appearance and demeanor. What’s not to love about that?

I find that Bears in the community tend to be friendlier to be around than other sub groups. Almost a guy-next-door comfortability that you feel you’ve always known. I like to think the big ol’ bears of Atlanta also have big ol’ kind hearts.

That’s not to say that a bear won’t fuck you up if you piss them off, but they tend to be an easier group of guys to be around. If you do feel like poking at one, just be ready to tangle with the entire group of bears, as they tend to travel in den packs.

Most Bears seem to readily admit that they enjoy food and drink, and that’s one of many reasons why I love them so much. Clearly, they’re my people, since I’m never one to shy from food.

Beer seems to be the alcohol of choice, and I’m completely OK with that. Boddington’s is my favesie!! Hell, most Bears in Atlanta can be seen at cookouts and beer busts all over the city on any given weekend. I know, because I’m usually there.

An even better quality about Bears, is that they’re not slaves to fashion. I would have no one to hang out with otherwise. Anyone who knows me can tell you: I dress for shit.

Their obsessions tend to be more driven by almost a casual leisure, not giving a shit what the community-at-large thinks of them. That in itself is always refreshing, as sometimes my day is spent drifting from event to event without a whole lot of prior planning.

Not that I consider myself a bear, more like a Seal Bear…since that tends to be what hairless stocky guys are referred to. Anyway, I’ve always had an affinity with the Bears of Atlanta. Hmmmmm, maybe that should be a reality show.

Bear Pride events are starting to spring up in the larger cities around America, and they are definitely a sign of the great changes in our community. The one this weekend takes place at Heretic, Jungle, Mary’s, Xion and Eagle, with Bear Pride events for three full days.

No matter the dynamic between the facets of our community, the fact that we have such diversity is a win-win for all of us. Before we can begin working together, we have to find like-minded and like-souled individuals to make us come alive and accept ourselves for who we are. My personal obsessions always stem from a thirst to better myself. What better way for you to improve your life than to share stories within your own networks?

Bear Pride may not be for everyone, but for me, I can’t imagine a better group of men to know. They inspire me, they give me strength to be me. So a big hearty beer toast to you, and bear hugs all around.

Happy Bear Pride!

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