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  1. Tristan Allen Pratt

    I think think instead of advertising space, you should dedicate more to the average person, the kid who just came out or just real news. As a journalist and gay man I’m horrified at the gay community in Atlanta. Every one has there own cliques. I haven’t been to Atlanta for the same reason in three years. Let me tell you about my night, I was pick pocket first at Burkharts where every on e was in there own little group, then I was overcharged @ Oscars. It was an awful night. I lost cash,credit cards and a $375 Louis Vuitton wallet. I am so glad that I got out of Atlanta. You people create realm for people to be in and you perpetrate the stereotype that is presented in the main stream media. Atlanta is a wonderful historic city, Atlanta was where I was born. I LOVE Atlanta but not the Gay Community. I would think that having the 3rd largest gay population per capita that it would be the charming, lovely city that I grew up in. Shame on You, Atlanta!

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