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Marriage Equality: Beyond a Piece of Paper


In case you needed a reason to prove why marriage equality is still important, even though an increasing number of states allow same-sex marriage, a case in Texas last week has proven how marriage, or the lack thereof, has significant legal ramifications in other parts of life. Jason Hanna and Joe Riggs are the fathers of two boys named Lucas ... Read More »

Editor’s Note: Duck Dynasty and Winning the Culture Wars

TV Duck Dynasty

Since December, one of the biggest pop culture stories that just won’t seem to die concerns Phil Robertson, patriarch of the Duck Dynasty family and espouser of ideas like homosexual behavior being the center of sinful behavior and the preference of a vagina to a man’s anus (his words, not mine). And since the subject hasn’t died down yet anyway, ... Read More »

Opinion: Cheshire Bridge is Falling Down?


Located in upper Atlanta is a bird’s nest of strip clubs, dive bars, gay clubs and pornography affectionately known as Cheshire Bridge Road. A manifested mecca of sexual outlets, Cheshire Bridge has always held some significance and stake in the history of LGBT community of Atlanta, having been the location of several legendary bars and clubs. However, recently there has ... Read More »

Life Without Jesus


Clutching his hands, a young man looked up from where he was kneeling, and akin to a benediction that invokes the divine, he became a believer. A true atheist going back to the whole of his life, what was the turning point, defining moment that took this young man under its brilliant wings and made him a converter of religion? ... Read More »

Opinion: Whose Movement Is This?


To say we haven’t come a long way from the riots of the fifties and sixties, Stonewall, and the AIDS epidemic (which we are still struggling with), would be to ignore decades of fierce queer resistance and a slough of legislation that has enabled us with protections galore. However, when looking at the condition of the modern “gay” civil rights ... Read More »

Opinion: I Believe What I Don’t Believe


Our minds work like wonders. Optical illusions, preconceived notions, or even the mere fondness for the color of red are some of the humanistic qualities we possess in determining who we are, how we judge, and what we believe. We arrive at a certain juncture of a solidified state of mind and unique personality through years of observations, educations, and ... Read More »

I Resolve to Resolve Better


Another year’s gone by and with it comes a bundle of New Year’s resolutions that each and every one of us is eager to start. What will it be this year? A better, toner body? Paying off that credit card debt you’ve had for years? Or, maybe you simply want to be a “better” person? Or, even all of the ... Read More »

Election 2012: Opinion


Now that Mitt Romney has dismissed 47% of the U.S. population as self-assessed “victims” … “who pay no income tax” at a $50,000 dollar a plate, private fundraiser thrown by a guy who hosts lavish sex parties when he’s not raising money for conservative candidates, it’ll take an electoral college/supreme court miracle not seen since Bush vs. Gore to see ... Read More »

Unnecessary Bloodshed Is Never a Triumph

Last week, a gunman walked into the Family Research Council’s (FRC) D.C. headquarters and opened fire on a security guard after expressing his disdain for the views of über-conservative, non-profit lobbying organization, particularly concerning those directed at the LGBT community. For years, the FRC has been fervent in pushing their “pro-family,” “pro-marriage” (read: anti-gay) agenda, going so far as to ... Read More »

Nicki Minaj’s support of LGBT community is questionable

Pop music and the gay community have a long, storied relationship. In the past few decades, some of the most prominent supporters of the LGBT community have been pop stars. Along with their support come accusations of the stars having ulterior motives, whether related to image or commercial appeal. Now, I’m not one to indulge in such theories normally. Among ... Read More »

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