Obsessed: Up, Up, and Away…Wayyyy Off!

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by: Tony Gowell Casting actors in various films and television roles is an age-old debate with fans. But since we have no control over the casting process, why are we so obsessed with whom Hollywood chooses to play our favorite characters? Take superhero characters, for instance. Once upon a time, Michael Keaton was cast as Batman…and fans rebelled. “Batman doesn’t ... Read More »

Fairyscopes: Issue 9


Aries: Career and financial successes might finally come your way after months and perhaps years of striving. The emotional support you receive from those who’ve been working with you can be very gratifying, and it’s likely to last for a long time. Taurus: A complex creative project could require some in-depth research this week, and you could spend much of ... Read More »

Dear Dom – Vol 18 Issue 8

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Dear Dom, I thrash & snore at night. It seems rattle the bed…and not in a good way. Lately, my boyfriend sleeps on the couch. I’ve tried just about everything. What can I do? Husband Understands Snoring’s Harmful HUSH, for all matters regarding relaxation, I always refer to my yoga master, Kattie Maffeo. As a licensed ayurvedic therapist, she teaches ... Read More »

Obsessed – And the Winner is…..

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Not you. And more importantly, why are we so obsessed with all of the Award shows? None of us actually know any of the ‘nominated types’ of media celebrities, so why do we give a shit? I imagine others have similar stories to mine. Like maybe you didn’t know that I went to school with an A-list actress nominated this ... Read More »

Dear Dom – Vol 18 Issue 7

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Dear Dom, I just landed a great corporate job. The money is really good. My co-workers are friendly. The company is having a convention in Las Vegas where spouses are welcome to attend. I want to take my boyfriend. It would be a great getaway, but he refuses to go. He’s never met my fellow employees and he’s afraid he ... Read More »

Dear Dom Volume 18 Issue 6

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Dear Dom, I’m gay. I met this guy and we like each other a lot. We want to get together. But we are afraid if something bad happens and we break up that it would ruin our friendship. Can you please help? Love Emerging Among Pals. So, you two horny dudes are ready to make the jump and hop into ... Read More »

Obsessed: Romeo, Romeo Wherefore Art Thou…Top or Bottom??

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Why are so many of you single gays, and open couples, obsessed with finding your Prince Charming? I’ve read all of your social app profiles, and your itemized lists of traits needed in your ideal partner(s) are laughable. First of all, all of you are bottoms. So naturally, you all want a top of your very own, but that’s easier ... Read More »

Dear Dom – Vol 18 Issue 5

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Dear Dom,  I am 29-year old male currently in treatment for drug addiction. I have been clean & sober for over three months and now in a halfway house. I met this great guy. We’ve been on a couple of dates and seem ready to go to the next level. The trouble is I didn’t tell him I’m in recovery. ... Read More »

Dear Dom v18 Issue 4

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Dear Dom, I recently caught a sexually transmitted disease. At least it wasn’t HIV. But, I feel so ashamed and filthy. What should I do? Forgot About Important Lessons Sex is cleaner with a packaged wiener. That’s a lesson best re­membered the next time you’re doing the dirty, FAIL. However, if you do contract an STD, the emotions can be ... Read More »

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