Obsessed – The Hazy Shade of Winter

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Although the beginning of a new year signals the obsession of many dietary and exercise regimens, we rarely dig deeper; to find out not just the needs of our physical health, but of our equally important mental health. Not the most glamorous of conversations, but there are some of us that suffer from various types of seasonal depression. Those casual ... Read More »

Dear Dom – Vol 18 Issue 3

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advice Dear Dom, With nationwide same-sex marriage a virtual certainty, my man and I are just about ready to get hitched. We’re wondering, what should we do about our last names? What Happens If Married Gay couples often retain their own individual surnames after marriage, WHIM, if only for business and professional reasons. Others will swap their last names. Currently ... Read More »

Dear Dom V18 i2, Every Single Question… Every Single Answer

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Dear Dom, I am a total show-off and loving posting my naked pictures online. It makes me so hot that the whole world is looking at me. Got any tips for an enthusiastic exhibitionist? Photographically Inclined Kid The Internet seems to have been invented precisely for teases just like you, PIK. Any good photo requires effective lighting, proper focus, plus ... Read More »

New Year, New Choices!

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Why are we so obsessed with New Year’s resolutions? Is it because we secretly want the opportunity to re-set something about ourselves that needs a change? Or is it deeper than that? Is it just the herd mentality that we do anything to appease the people that always ask what our resolutions are for 2015? I know I recently had ... Read More »

Dear Dom – V18 Issue 1

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Dear Dom, My boyfriend and I were talking about our New Year’s resolutions, he told me he’d like to try a threeway in 2015. Does this mean he’s bored with me, or that we’re going to be in an open relationship? Should I open Pandora’s box? Dora The Explorer Sweetie, forget about Pandora. It’s YOUR box that’s gonna get opened. ... Read More »

Favorite Bitch: Post-Holiday Problems


You would think folks are busy sending out Christmas cards. But instead, they’re fillin’ my mailbox tighter than a plus-size-bitch in skinny jeans. This week’s Favorite Bitch floweth ovah! So grab a hot chocolate and cozy up with my good ole fashioned advice for an ultra modern world!   Dear Miss Tiger, My ex broke up with me because I ... Read More »

Favorite Bitch: Holiday DRAMA


Most of us are out shopping for treasured holiday gifts and preparing to spend time with our loved ones. But the folks in this week’s Favorite Bitch are buying drama by the pound and cozying up with strangers. Holidays don’t take a break from bullshit, so get a cup of Christmas cheer and get ready for some good ole fashioned ... Read More »

Obsessed: The gift that keeps on DRAGging!


Once upon a time, a 5-year-old curly haired blonde boy tried on his first pair of pantyhose and high heeled shoes. And because of that joyful experience, he will always be thankful for that neglectful babysitter. She never ever paid attention, so playing dress up was an easy outlet for a kid not allowed to go outside; because of an ... Read More »

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