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Shave the date: Movember is here


  Gay men and straight men team up to grow handlebars, Ron Swansons and other moustaches all month long to help raise awareness against male cancers. By Dustin Shrader   For all the bros who aren’t in the know, the month of November doesn’t just belong to knee-deep NFL action and the coveted annual Turkey Day. It’s also the one ... Read More »

Vices: Put the ‘mo in moderation


By Mike Fleming   AT DAVID ATLANTA, WE’RE ALL ABOUT FUN and indulging yourself in a city full of opportunities to do so. We also remember that there’s a line between just enough and too much of a good thing. Vices are your just reward for a hard-fought week. Maybe an extra coffee, dessert, or an extra friendly friend helps grind ... Read More »

Talking the Walk: Fitness guru Rick Twombley


By Dustin Shrader Bulging biceps, rock-hard abs and a chiseled jaw, Rick Twombley is the definition of health and fitness. But the dance-trained trainer is much more than a perfect body. Below the surface, Twombley has a deep love for his community. The yearly AIDS Walk Trainer returns to the 25th annual event on Oct. 18, offering his fitness knowledge, ... Read More »

Real man: The unique journey of Aydian Dowling


By Dustin Shrader The guy in the running to become the first-ever transgender model to grace the cover of Men’s Health opens up about life, love and all the struggles that make him the man he is today. Married transgender heartthrob, body builder and LGBT activist Aydian Dowling has officially been named one of the top three finalists in the ... Read More »

Why Stretching Can Lengthen Your Muscles… And Your Sex Too


By the Atlanta Stud ( One pet peeve that I always have is when my clients tell me that they don’t have enough time to stretch. That’s basically like telling your partner that you don’t have enough time to give him oral foreplay prior to your bedroom workout. That is just unacceptable. My clients know that they have to stretch ... Read More »

How To Know If You Are A True Stud


By the Atlanta Stud ( Every one of us has always aspired to define ourselves as a stud, but how do you really know if you truly are a stud? I had the fortunate luck of being born a natural stud, and that is why I am the Atlanta Stud. However, I want to help all the guys out there ... Read More »

Pride Medical Welcomes New Physician


Pride Medical, Inc. announced the addition of Africa Alvarez-McLeod, MD, MPH, to its team this morning. Dr. Alvarez-McLeod is an Infectious Disease Specialist bringing more than 25 years’ experience to her new position at the practice. Her main areas of focus, within HIV, are women’s health (including pregnancy), transgender health and treatment of Hepatitis C. “I am proud that we’re ... Read More »

The Secret To Adding On A Couple Of Inches


By the Atlanta Stud ( The one constant that all clients who come to me for personal training have is that they all wish they could just be a couple of inches bigger. That’s something that I pride myself on, and as your Atlanta Stud, I’m going to share the secret to being the longest, hardest, most vascular stud that ... Read More »

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