Real Life


By Dr. Warrick Stewart Happiness in relationships begins with “self” acceptance. Many people desire better relationships with their significant others, but lack self-love and self-confidence to achieve it. Many of us never learned how to love ourselves on a deeper level and, as a result, sought out unhealthy relationships with unhealthy people that never had the capacity to love us ... Read More »

A Sensual Guide to Playing With Your Meat


By Jonathan Bugg 4th of July means meat! Thanksgiving brings turkey with all the trimmings. Easter features ham centering the family table. Corned beef & cabbage are boiled every St. Patrick’s Day. But, for smoke-seasoned platters overflowing with America’s favorites, for Independence Day – Bring Us The Meat! Who hasn`t been to that barbecue where the hostess foists old, wrinkled ... Read More »

Why It’s Important To Masturbate Prior To Your Workout


By Tarryn the Traveling Trainer™ Most of you have seen the movie “There’s Something About Mary.” If you haven’t, then I highly suggest you do so. But most likely, you have. Either way, there is an infamous scene where Ted (Ben Stiller) is all set for his climactic date when his best friend Dom (Chis Elliott) walks in and tells ... Read More »

How Firming Up Will Help You “Firm” Up


By Tarryn the Traveling Trainer™ We have all heard the famous phrase “Veni…Vidi…Vici.” Well, I want to share my personal goal with the fine readers of David Atlanta. And that is, “I came…I saw…I came again.” At least, that’s what told myself when I first moved to Atlanta to become a personal fitness trainer. Guys, we have all seen the ... Read More »

David Tutera Brings “Your Wedding Experience” To Atlanta


This weekend celebrity wedding planner, David Tutera is bringing to Atlanta his latest project, “Your Wedding Experience”; a wedding expo like no other to the Georgia World Congress Center. Offering up the hottest trends, fashions, vendors and inspirations, “Your Wedding Experience” is also presenting an LGBT section just for us same-sex couples. Certified vendors that in some cases specialize in ... Read More »

REAL Life: Healthy Same-Sex Marriage Tips

happy gay couple

By Dr. Warrick On April 28, 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments and began deliberations on marriage equality, which has huge implications for the LGBTQI community. Because marriage equality is so important to our readers, the next few columns leading up to the landmark decision will focus on same-sex relationships. Same sex couples have the same relationship goals ... Read More »

11 Must-Try Masturbation Techniques & Tips


Masturbation is a healthy and natural thing. As men, we all do it. However, just like the physical act of intercourse, masturbation can become complacent, even boring if you’re stuck in a rut with the traditional hand-on-member gesture. If you have fallen out of love with your lackluster routine and aching to try something new then fret not, my friends, ... Read More »

Big Peach Tournament: The Games, The Eats, The Parties


Atlanta has been home base to an annual GLBT softball tournament for 30 years. In the beginning, it was called the Armory Classic. “It began as many of these tournaments have, being sponsored by one club/bar as an invitational for other teams throughout the country,” explains long-time HSL member and famed Atlanta personality, Bubba D. Licious. “Around the time that ... Read More »

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