The History and Present State of GAY-MING


By No2hair Pong was the first commercially successful video game in history. Its release by Atari in 1972, just a few years after the Stonewall Riots in New York City, came at a time when the gay rights movement was just getting started. The stark table-tennis game using two paddles operated by a controller and displayed in black & white ... Read More »

Comparison Shopping: Which App is Apt for You?


By Jeffrey Silvey Once upon a time dating was organic. You dressed up for a trip to the grocery store because you never knew just who you might meet whilst buying food for one and hoping it would someday be for two. The dating world has changed and gone mobile, making meeting people so simple. With simplicity comes frustration though ... Read More »

Hottest New Tech Gadgets to Please Your Inner Nerd!


By Jason Mietelski So far, this summer has been wild and HOT, which means you probably need some grown-up gadgets to make the heat last! And since we know that things like work, dates with a sexy new guy, beach trips and barbeques make it difficult to get out there and shop for the latest must-have tech-toy—we made it easy ... Read More »

Calvin Klein Jeans Highlights Same-Sex Couples With New Fall Campaign

Photo Credit: Calvin Klein Jeans

By Dustin Shrader For next season, Calvin Klein Jeans is jumping on the dating/hookup bandwagon, using the popular trend as inspiration for its fall campaign. Within the campaign images, a handful of sinfully attractive millenials socialize via smartphone apps, planning hookups and eluding to the exchange of naughty pictures. The campaign also marks the first time same-sex couples have been ... Read More »

Why Stretching Can Lengthen Your Muscles… And Your Sex Too


By the Atlanta Stud ( One pet peeve that I always have is when my clients tell me that they don’t have enough time to stretch. That’s basically like telling your partner that you don’t have enough time to give him oral foreplay prior to your bedroom workout. That is just unacceptable. My clients know that they have to stretch ... Read More »

How To Know If You Are A True Stud


By the Atlanta Stud ( Every one of us has always aspired to define ourselves as a stud, but how do you really know if you truly are a stud? I had the fortunate luck of being born a natural stud, and that is why I am the Atlanta Stud. However, I want to help all the guys out there ... Read More »

Pride Medical Welcomes New Physician


Pride Medical, Inc. announced the addition of Africa Alvarez-McLeod, MD, MPH, to its team this morning. Dr. Alvarez-McLeod is an Infectious Disease Specialist bringing more than 25 years’ experience to her new position at the practice. Her main areas of focus, within HIV, are women’s health (including pregnancy), transgender health and treatment of Hepatitis C. “I am proud that we’re ... Read More »

The Secret To Adding On A Couple Of Inches


By the Atlanta Stud ( The one constant that all clients who come to me for personal training have is that they all wish they could just be a couple of inches bigger. That’s something that I pride myself on, and as your Atlanta Stud, I’m going to share the secret to being the longest, hardest, most vascular stud that ... Read More »

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