The GRAMMY’s Are A Joke… Like Seriously


After watching the nine-hour long telecast of the 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards hosted by what’s-his-face from that-one-cop-show on CBS, I was left scratching my head… yet again. And no, I’m not scratching my head because this cold ass weather is making my head itch like a Turkish prostitute wearing a wool turtleneck. I’m confused as hell as to why the ... Read More »

10 Important Gay Films: You May Not Have Seen


by Zak Horn Soldier’s Girl (2003) Based on a true story, Soldier’s Girl follows a chance meeting between a soldier and a transgender woman during a bar visit away from his army base.  The film tackles with acceptance of what it means to actually be a Trans woman and the obstacles that can arise in the wake of falling in ... Read More »

A Night to Remember Hosting Your Home Oscar Party

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 10.20.13 PM

by Bryan Tillman Hollywood’s most anticipated event will take place on Sunday, Feb. 27. You too can get in on all of the glamour and glitz of the Oscars by hosting your own Academy Awards-themed party. Here is a guide you will need for the best invitations, decorations, food, drinks, and game ideas that will have others calling you a ... Read More »


Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 9.38.48 PM

by Elijah Sarkesian   Ah, the Academy Awards – Hollywood’s biggest night. It’s here again, and there will be plenty of places you can watch this year’s Neil Patrick Harris-hosted event. Whether you’re watching from a bar hosting an Oscar party or from the comfort of your own home, though, you’ll want to make smart guesses as to what films ... Read More »

The Interview – What Exactly Was the Point Again?

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 9.12.51 PM

by Jeffery Silvey When North Korea hacked Sony and threatened the movie The Interview, Americans stood together with feigned interest in an act of solidarity to actively protest this attack on freedom of speech. After we all started watching the movie on Netflix, we started asking ourselves the same questions we asked about the war in Iraq: What exactly was ... Read More »

Film Review: ‘The Gays’


I recently watched The Gays and was quite taken away with the movie. It is a raunchy comedy that depicts what happens when a man is purposely raised to be gay. To keep it short and simple, this guy explains what it was like being raised by two male parents through a series of stories that he experienced during his ... Read More »

A Hader You Can Love: SNL alumnus talks tasty men, Stefon and his ‘license to be totally fabulous’


Saturday night is a lot less spicy without Stefon, the fabulous “Weekend Update” club correspondent that turned actor Bill Hader into a comic star. But fear not. While Stefon has retired from Saturday Night Live to a “haunted diaper” in Chelsea, as Hader tells me in our recent chat, the funny-man flexes his impressive dramatic chops in The Skeleton Twins, ... Read More »

The World According to John Lithgow


There’s a beautiful moment in Ira Sachs’ indie hit Love Is Strange involving two older men – a New York couple, forced to live apart after one of them loses his job, tearfully embraces. Life-changing? No. But that’s the point: Its simplicity is a revelation. That distinctly post-gay perspective is what attracted John Lithgow to the role of Uncle Ben, an ... Read More »

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