Jocks push it real good for PALS

Pups, Push ups and a plenty of love for P.A.L.S.

By Matthew Holley

Alright, boys. Flex those guns and get ready to workout for your favorite four-legged friend, because all of those fur babies at Pets Are Loving Support need you, your pecs and your wallet.

On Saturday, June 17, the beloved animal organization hosts Push Ups for P.A.L.S., a fundraiser designed to aid the ongoing care and support for critically ill people’s pets, while also careening a friendly, competitive atmosphere as select fitness teams compete in rounds of intense categories.

Leading up to the big day the teams and individual members are fundraising like crazy, wagging their tails for donations to take home the top prize—being a damn good man for man’s best friend. Whether you donate, participate, or just come to watch the do-gooding physical feats, it’s going to be a blast at Woofs on Saturday.

Currently there are five teams in the running: Thom Austin Training; Foundation Fitness; Gravity Fitness; Thomas Thien Le; and Lion’s Den Fitness. To donate to any or all of the participating teams, visit each of their profiles on the fundraising site FirstGiving. Making donations through FirstGiving is easy, quick and completely protected. It is also the most efficient way to support the fundraising efforts.

Once you and your friends donate, the money is sent directly to P.A.L.S. Beyond the donations on FirstGiving, you can browse each page, read testimonies, see how far each team is away from its consecutive goal and also even sign up to join a team to compete on the big day.

Speaking of the big day, Push Ups for P.A.L.S. goes down at Woof’s, with competition barking off at 2 PM. All teams will be judged and awarded for the following categories: Most Team Push Ups, Most Individual Push Ups, Top Individual Fundraiser and Top Team Fundraiser. Your favorite Woof’s daddies, bartenders and pups will provide drinks and grub for your viewing pleasure. Admission is free, and all donations go directly to P.A.L.S.

P.A.L.S. was founded in 1990 by, Dr. Susan Wynn, a veterinarian, and Dr. Margaret Schulte, an educator, who met while doing volunteer work for Project Open Hand. Apart from having a common interest in working with HIV/AIDS patients, the two were great animal lovers. Upon hearing of an individual with HIV/AIDS who was living alone with his best friend, a cat and foregoing some of his medications in order to pay for vet care and pet food, the two women immediately began collecting pet food to aid this patient and others alike. P.A.L.S. was born.

Since then, the nonprofit has grown to not only collect food, but funds and supplies any seriously patient and their pet may need. Over the past three decades, P.A.L.S. has serviced over 1,000 clients and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars.

And there is no stopping in sight. Start hitting the gym, grab all of your furry friends – not just the ones with four legs – and come get your push up on. 

Visit palsatlanta.org and/or firstgiving.com/88474/push-ups-for-pals-1

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