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Hey Daddy! When sex leads to one-sided love

From closeted jocks to tangled webs and secret affairs, readers write into Hey, Daddy! when the sex was good, now they want more, but the other party is not feeling it.

Hey, Daddy!
The teammate I’ve always had a crush on found out I’m gay, and long story short we had sex. We were already good friends with lots in common, so now I keep daydreaming about us together.

I don’t want to make a big deal out of it, but then again, he is making too little of a deal out of it. He avoids being within a foot of me when around the other guys on our team. It’s killing me.
Really Over Men And Need Commitment Enormously

Every one of us has been in a one-sided romance, but you’re jumping the gun on yours. There’s not enough information to go down the spiral of gloom.

Your internal drama comes from sitting in the dark. Turn on the lights. Letting your imagination run away with you creates worst-case scenarios, which can cause you to act in ways that might ruin your friendship – and your chances.

The only way to find out is ask what the sex meant to him. Maybe he’s not ready, or maybe he’s just as nervous as you about appearing needy. Either way, be ready to accept his answer.

Clear the air so you can keep the friend.

Hey, Daddy!
I love my husband, but lack of excitement has led me to stray several times. These detours never mattered until a recent hookup flooded over into a weekly thing.

The mutual plan was to keep it No Strings Attached, but the more we got together, the more I realized that this guy is special to me. Then one night I texted, and he was on a date. Now he’s not responding at all. I get that this is a situation that I shouldn’t be in at all, but my heart just wants him back in my life.
Desire I Can’t Kick

Dear DICK:
You’re married. He’s dating. The relationship is over. He knows it. You don’t. One-sided breakups suck, but expecting to have your cake and eat it too is why you’re here in the first place.

You want to listen to your heart. Cool: Your heart wants romance. You’re missing emotional connection. Step one: Get counseling to fix your marriage, or get single so you have something to offer.

Daddy loves his boys. He knows the answers you need, and you’re going to get them. Reach out with your burning questions via our editor, mike@davidatlanta.com, and put “Hey, Daddy” in the subject line.  Warning: Advice in this column is intended for entertainment and novelty. Proceed at your own risk. If you’re in trouble, ask a professional for help.

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    1. I so COMPLETELY understand the dilemma of “ROMANCE”. I have a sex partner (or two) who has enjoyed GREAT sex with me for YEARS but that’s as far as it goes and I am SO ready for much more, like an exclusive relationship. I don’t know how to convert a FUCK BUDDY into a LIFE PARTNER. I truly believe that ‘ROMANCE’ and myself are NOT the only men perplexed with this problem. I would really like to see DAVID do an article devoted to this subject. Hell, maybe even a weekend seminar…!!! If you do that, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE contact me !!!

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