Homo Home Décor on a Dime

Redesigning your dandy domicile can redefine a fresh perspective. Here are ways to do it without breaking the bank

By Mike Fleming

The same four walls are bringing you down. You’re ready for a change, but life just isn’t going to give you that right now.

You’d like to move, but your lease isn’t up. You want to redecorate, but your wallet is tight. Making matters worse, you have no idea how to freshen things up without a total tear-down.

Let these tips and tricks give you a new view, without putting you in the poor house.

Prince of Pop
Maybe you’re happy with your basic pieces, and they’re too expensive to replace right now anyway. Change out or add pillows, curtains, rugs and other accessories to create a whole new color scheme.

Gay Gallery

Focal points are the basis of any new room. Create one without spending a lot, or even one thin dime. Place images – your own, color copied photos, or all-black-and-white for drama –in matching or coordinating frames. And anything looks sophisticated floating between two pieces of glass. Let the wall color show through, creating the illusion of a custom mat.

Brush Over
Every drag queen knows to never, ever underestimate the power of a good paint job. Transform any space this way, and feel free to get creative because you can always paint over it. Go bold with dark colors, or by switching to dark trim and light walls

Looking Up
Don’t forget your “fifth wall.” Put the ceiling to work by adding beams, installing a fun light fixture, or anything that draws the eye upward.

Contained Chaos
Organization is everything. All the pretty ideas in the world can’t be seen if you’re space is a mess. You could put workspace clutter in a plastic box, or you can scour your house or go thrifting for unexpected storage that gives your desk character.

Rearrange Your Life
With zero dollars, you can give your room a new lease on life by reshuffling the situation. No ideas? Clear the room. Start with one piece you that looks awesome in a new spot. Give accessories from other rooms a new home. Put the couch and rug on an angle.

Throw Shade

Cast your room in a whole new light. It’s amazing how something as simple as a lampshade can make a huge difference. Recover to coordinate all the lamps in the room in one unifying shade – black is a dramatic idea – or do them all in neutral except one to put it in a new pop color.

Remnant Realness
Nothing brings a room together like a rug, but few items can be as expensive either. Consider buying two or more smaller rugs and putting them together, or ask to see the remnants at a carpet store. Cut to fit and bind the edges yourself. Creative types can mix and match remnants for their own custom design.

Double Team
Twin beds as seating? Yes, girl. When you can’t do a sofa or just want to maximize small spaces, dual-purpose items are practical and fashionable. Never let them tell you not to sleep where you eat and play.

Thrifty Bitch
Hotel liquidators, estate and garage sales and thrift stores can be a redecorators best friend. Take the time to hunt for bargain pieces you can update with a coat of paint and new hardware. And keep your mind open to new purposes for old items.

Collected Works
Allow your collected items to collect oohs and ahs instead of collecting dust. Maximize its impact by bringing them all together. That’s how bottles become a centerpiece, hats become wall art, and globes become knickknacks.

Dapper Drapery
Add trim to the edge of existing drapes, or move them up to ceiling level and add a border of contrasting fabric to make up the difference at the bottom. When you do the latter, you also help make low ceilings look higher by drawing the eye up and down.

In Recovery
Chairs are prime candidates for recovering. Scrap fabric and a coat of paint can turn a piece of junk into a prize possession. On a larger scale, slip-cover, dye or paint old living room sofas and chairs to match.

Back to the Closet
Look past boring doors as surfaces crying out for decoration. Consider them hidden canvases. Cover them with fabric. Use them as background mats to hang artwork, or paint them with your own original artistic creations.

Side Eye
Think outside the box for side tables. Or, inside the box. Stack boxes – or luggage, or trays, or books, or blocks – to create a one-of-a-kind side. You an also hang shelves on the wall next to seating and use that.

16 Candles
Clusters of candles, vases or other items give make more impact than stand-alones. Gather what you have, or thrift-shop for inexpensive additions. Think about the distinctive impacts of one-color, few-color or multi-color collections.

Canvas the Area
Paint inexpensive or repurposed art canvases on one color contrasting or complementing the wall. Do singles or multiples, in single or multiple colors, and voila! Instant art. And think big: consider filling the whole wall with canvases for a big-statement backdrop.

Back it Up
Paint or paper the back of your shelves in a contrasting color to make every cubby pop. As with all of these decorating ideas, your wallet isn’t the limit; the only limit is your imagination.

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