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Hey, Daddy! I’m 19 and lost in love

You’re young. Daddy’s “old.” Has he learned anything that could help a youngin’ in his first real relationship, a weight warrior slipping into old habits, or a newly pos guy?

Hey, Daddy!
I’m 19 and in love. You’ve been around the block. What do you know now that you wish you knew at my age?
Transfer Wisdom Into Nice Kid

Trust yourself. If you don’t, explore why and get there before you commit to someone else. Past that, relationships are learning experiences. Here are a few lessons I discovered along the way:

You marry his family as well as him; Bathroom taboos and personal space evaporate; Both of you have to change some; Relationships are works in progress that are never finished.

Hey, Daddy!
I read your recent advice to guys ashamed of their bodies with interest. I grew up fat but had finally turned a corner on fitness, nutrition, and the psychology that led me to overeat. After a devastating personal loss, I slipped into old habits. I despise my body again.

I recently found my fattest fat pants ever. I see how far I’ve come, and how far I could slip even further. I need help, hugs and encouragement from those aroundme to go back to a healthy lifestyle and be proud of my body again!
So Annoyed & Down

Dear SAD:
Loving your body is the first step, not the last, in this process. That includes tough love: Accept your physical being as is, but love it enough to eat right and exercise.

Getting a handle healthy habits isn’t a one-and-done proposition. After a setback, we all might need refreshers to get back on track. That you have the know-how from past experience is something to celebrate, not a problem to get down about.

Get some professional advice if needed, and buck up. Everyone needs hugs, but what you need more are bootstraps to pull yourself up. You got this.

Hey, Daddy!
I found out I’m HIV positive right as things were getting going with a new guy who I really like. I’m afraid telling him will ruin our chances. What’s my obligation here?
Pouting Over Situation

Dear POS:
There’s a saying that our readers in recovery know well: We are only as sick as our secrets. There’s a cure for what’s really ailing you: Honesty.

Daddy loves his boys. He knows the answers you need, and you’re going to get them. Reach out with your burning questions via our editor, mike@davidatlanta.com, and put “Hey, Daddy” in the subject line.  Warning: Advice in this column is intended for entertainment and novelty. Proceed at your own risk. If you’re in trouble, ask a professional for help.

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