D List: 10 gay things to do at the pool

The D(avid) List lets readers point their gay male truth guns at different topics. Want to add one to this D List or make a idea for a future one? Write our editor with ‘D List’ in the subject line:
shutterstock_153732707Ogle Guys

Wear sunglasses so no one catches you staring.


Shark Attack

The oldest or biggest guy is the shark. Everyone else are the diverw.


Beer and cocktails are always in order. No glass, playa.

Make a Movie

Buy a cheap waterproof camera and film a little feature. No limits.



Take your cocktail to the water and chill while you cruise in every direction.



Laying out can be its own pastime. Ask handsome friends for help applying oil or lotion.



Bring a friend and drop a few juicy tidbits.



Let your mind wander. Think big picture. Imagine your next moves.


bachelorette-chicken-fightsChicken Fight

Two tops, two bottoms. Still as fun as you remember. Maybe more



Not our favorite, but your laptop and your phone are somehow way better with the sun on your skin.

shutterstock_579180226Bonus: Skinny Dip
Go ahead. It’s better to ask forgiveness than permission, right?



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