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Hey, Daddy! Love clusters, sex losers, and fast rebounds

When your old relationship is gone, your current relationship is stale, or your love lines are crossed, it’s time to call Hey Daddy to sort it.

Hey, Daddy!
How long is long enough after a breakup before I get into another relationship? When do I know I’m ready to take the plunge again?

My husband dumped me while I was recovering from a major medical issue. We divorced and sold our lovely little home.

But girl, that was last week.

This week, I met this cute little guy, and now I want to take him home to meet my mama. I can totally see us getting married. Is it too soon?
Anyway, Love Or Tragedy?

Dear A LOT:
That’s a lot, alright. First, take a breath. Now, take another. Deeper. There ya go.

Love isn’t on a timeline, but just by asking if it’s too soon, something inside may say that, for you, right now definitely feels like Fast & Furious 8. What’s your hurry?

You’ve heard of rebound relationships, and we know serial monogamy is a longstanding epidemic. When it happens to you personally, it may be hard to tell the difference between real deal and fake news.

Does it feel like a rush job? Do you need to get married again, or want to be with this man forever? Would it hurt to continue dating to find out? Therein lies your answer.


CMI_Survey_Digital_Millennnial_English_300x250 2Hey, Daddy!
I thought I was satisfied, but now I’m pretty sure that everybody is having more sex than me. Gay guys are getting all kinds of laid, and here I sit with my occasional booty call and random hookup.

Loser Averting Incessant Dick

Dear LAID:
The only thing worrying about it gets you is more frustrated. Forget assumptions about, and braggadocio from, other people. Go back to your initial statement: You were satisfied. What, was worrying somehow more appealing than that?


Hey, Daddy!
Here’s a gay conundrum for you. I want a guy named Paul, but Paul has the hots for Noah. And, yep, Noah is all about me. Help!
Could Lads Undo Seriously Tangled Relationships?

That you’re all friends is a great start. Buy a bottle of wine and call a meeting. The knots can’t get more twisted by applying some honest communication to the situation.

Daddy loves his boys. He knows the answers you need, and you’re going to get them. Reach out with your burning questions via our editor, mike@davidatlanta.com, and put “Hey, Daddy” in the subject line.  Warning: Advice in this column is intended for entertainment and novelty. Proceed at your own risk. If you’re in trouble, ask a professional for help.

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