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Spring Looks: Five Men’s Trends for 2017

Fashion powers forward with trends for 2017 that push new boundaries and take old ideas in new directions

By Mike Fleming

You can’t live your fabulous life and keep up with ever men’s runway on the planet. Don’t worry, boo. We got you.

While you may not be ready to translate some of these trends literally, here are the five biggest movements in menswear for spring 2017 that you can begin sneaking into your wardrobe. Check out these examples and see our print edition for the full spread with more examples of each.

D Squared
D Squared


From power clashing or one all over, and from insanely wrong but somehow perfect to suited up in style.









Alexander Wang


Oversized tops. Grunge plaids. Chunky shoes. Catch up with 20 years ago, whether you were there for it the first time or not.










Maybe you don’t wear every piece your own at the same time – who’s to say? – but jeanswear is where it’s at in a huge way.









Emporio Armani

Super Jumbo

Way beyond oversized, go big or go home. Like, really really really big.










Emporio Armani
Emporio Armani


One color is anything but one-note.


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    1. oh, please no over-size clothes again, that was so bad and so fat-guy-straight it makes me vomit a little.

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