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Music Divas You May Not Love. Yet.

New to male feminism? Here are some unsung females in music who bring the Women’s History party to gay men.

By Scott King

AS A GAY MAN, YOU MAY or may not even know that it’s Women’s History Month, much less consciously commemorate or celebrate it in any way. We can do better, and have fun at the same time.

It’s easy to see how some divas and some gay men click in mutually beneficial ways. We’re looking at you, Gaga, Janet, Madonna, Mariah, Cher, Katy, Kylie, et al. In short, many of us are already loving some great women for their talents, and specifically, how they own being women.

But there are way more women in music, not to mention women in general – hello, that gay men can get behind that not all of us even know about. Yet.

In order to get the party that is Women’s History Month started, here are seven female musical artists who for some reason aren’t worshipped by every queer on planet Earth. Until now.

PJ Harvey
When Madonna or Tori Amos or Kate Bush or Courtney Love Cobain or Bjork or any of the other women in rock that I love more than anything come on the stereo, I want to break the furniture. When Polly Harvey comes on, I want to go for a long, long walk. She’s never made a bad record. She’s the best. (top photo)
Meshell Ndegeocello
Meshell Ndegeocello
Queer, activist, poetic, an early sign for Maverick Records, and sang backup on M’s “I’d rather be your lover” after Pac dropped out. Why aren’t you listening to her?
X Ray Spex 
X Ray Spex
Female-fronted punk band from England that put out one and only one record in 1978. Kind of like the Sex Pistols. I know you don’t like punk, and you don’t like women, but frontwoman Poly Styrene’s voice could peel the paint off a ceiling. In a good way. Oh, bondage! Up yours!
Rye Rye 
This adorable Baltimorian is a fierce M.I.A. protege and duets with Robyn. Also, her music is really good for bottoming. Mention her name to a record store clerk and blow they MIND.
Liz Phair

You’ve heard of her. Suck it up and listen to her first two records when you’re bored You’ll be cursing like a demure French sailor before you know it.
Ellen Allien
Ellen Allien
What what WHAT? Exactly. If you watched any of those popular premium cable series during the Bush years, Ms. Allien’s music was probaby grooving the future into the present in the background during the promo. Excellent music for road trips to Montreal, kana sutra training, and holiday barbecues
Kathleen Hanna
Kathleen Hanna
Despite the occasional white girl disingenuousness, punk shaman Kathleen Hanna has fronted at least three bands whose records will make you feel something: Bikini Kill, The Julie Ruin, and Le Tigre. My feminism wouldn’t be the same without them. And a healthy dose of Camille Paglia.

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