D List: 10 things gay guys do in the mirror

The D(avid) List lets readers point their gay male truth guns at different topics. This week: readers catch themselves in the mirror. Want to add one to this D List or make a idea for a future one? Write our editor with ‘D List’ in the subject line: Mike@DavidAtlanta.com.

unspecified-21. Checks Out Own Butt
unspecified-64. Practices Selfie Angles
unspecified3. Lifts Shirt, Snaps Abs
unspecified2. Sings Power Ballads into a Hairbrush
unspecified-45. Examine Pores in Brightest Light 
unspecified-16. Practices Seen@ Poses
unspecified-17. Adjusts Package
unspecified8. Tests Sunglasses On-Off Skills
web_d_list_mirror2b9. Scrutinizes Naked Body Mercilessly
unspecified-310. Rehearses Flirting

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