2017 Dining Guide

David Atlanta’s annual taste tour rounds up a few dozen options for eating good in the gayborhood
Compiled by Mike Fleming

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how lucky we all are to be gay in Atlanta. The sheer volume of options for nightlife, entertainment, sports, arts and just about every LGBT subculture outweighs even some iconic larger cities.

An awesome extension of our cultural wealth, Atlanta’s gay cups runneth over for restaurant choices, too. That’s why this annual Dining Guide is so popular. From casual to chic, date night to boys’ night, enjoy the following reminders of the most popular, as well as a heads up on some new and hidden gems. We start with the casual places and go from there. Enjoy!

Casual KickBack
Gay & Gayer
Gathering Place
Tasty Tavern
Hidden Gems
Romantic Rendezvous
Staff Picks

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