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Snap Judgments and InstaDon’ts

As David Atlanta adds Snapchat, here’s a good reminder for all of us on how not to do social media.

By Mike Fleming

As of 2017, some of you have been reading David for an amazing 20 years. We love that and strive to expand upon and stay true to our legacy of gay culture, nightlife and entertainment for gay men in Atlanta, while still growing with the times.

Back in the day, our interaction with you stopped when you picked up our print copy. Now we come to you every day with digital content, contests, giveaways, galleries and updates via our social feeds. You like us on Facebook, tweet us on Twitter and follow us on Instagram, and we are better for it.

We already hit you with those 5 annoying gay couples on Instagram. Now it’s time to Snap to Us on Snapchat as well. As you add our snaps at @davidatlantamag for events, live Seen@s, Behind the Scenes looks at our process, and more, we thought it would be fun to revisit some guidelines for all of us on social media. We see thousands of you each week,and it looks like we all might be able to use a refresher.

Here are some mistakes we can each vow to make less often – so we can give those who do them an Eye-Roll of Judgment.

Awkward Usernames
Search function on Insta and Snap are less dynamic than other social sites, so the more you mess with your real name, the less likely people can find you and interact with you. While friends love calling you ‘Sassafrass,’ that hot guy who peeped you isn’t looking you up that way.
Pro tip: Use the same name across all platforms for consistency: Facebook, Twitter, Insta and Snap.

Drunk Posts
Speaking of that guy looking you up, don’t post embarrassing stuff while wasted. Snapchat has the added bonus of going away after 24 hours, but Screen Captures are forever. Besides, by the time it expires or you delete it, the damage to your reputation might already be done.
Pro tip: Give your phone to a trusted friend if you’re going to be tempted while tipsy and have no chill skill.

Hashtag Overkill
Instagram relies heavily on hashtags to reach people. While they’re necessary, don’t alienate people with copy-pasted popular tags.
Pro tip: Choose five or so #relevant ones to go with your image, and even if ironic tags are your super power, keep it to a reasonable number.

Too Busy
Take time to interact with your followers. If you post but ignore comments, you look like you are too good, too important, or too busy to bother.
Pro tip: Don’t be that guy.

Don’t Lurk
In the same vein, turnabout is fair play. Comment on other people’s Snaps and Instas! Engage with other users, keep it positive, and don’t hang in the shadows.
Pro tip: On Snapchat, people can see who watched their posts. If you watch but never comment, you look like a creeper.

Selfie Sickness
By now, most of us post and snap our outfits, haircuts and filter faces. It’s cool, but we all also know when it’s too much. You don’t need a selfie a day, and definitely not more than one a day.
Pro tip: Keep it to your very best shots and always make it about the photo and not about you

Space Out
Don’t crowd your snaps and posts back-to-back. Space them out over time so you don’t crowd your followers feeds and piss people off.
Pro tip: Never, but especially back-to-back, share repeats of the same thing. Pick the best one and don’t be redundant.

It’s tempting to repost and share the same thing across all your feeds. Don’t. Well, sometimes it’s OK, but why would I follow you on Snapchat if the shares are the same as your Instagram? Be original.
Pro tip: Each platform offers its best sharing methods: Video to Snapchat, gorgeous images to Instagram, commentary to Twitter, and articles or links to Facebook.

Follow for Follow?
One way to build your following is to trade follows, but be careful. If your feed is packed with a bunch of crap you don’t care about, you’re less likely to use it.
Pro tip: As every gay man knows, reciprocity is great, but you’re not obligated to follow everyone who follows you.

Don’t Show Your Ass
Now, this goes for those figurative flubs, but we actually mean it literally. Gay men who post bathroom booty – you know who you are – are on screen caps on other guys’ phones all over town – nay, the world.
Pro tip: If sexy Snaps are your thing, by all means, post away. Just know it and embrace it, or be sorry later.

Find daily updates from David Atlanta on Instagram and Snapchat @DAVIDatlantaMag. We’ll try to be good, or at least good at it.

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