D List: 10 Fun, Funny, Bad, Silly Super Gay Dance Moves

You’ve seen ’em. Hell, you’ve done ’em. Each week, The D(avid) List lets readers point their gay male truth guns at different topics. This week, your dance moves. Want to add one or have an idea for a future D List? Write our editor with ‘D List’ in the subject line:

1. Sexy & Sensual (top photo)

Bring your sexual energy to the floor. Bonus points if you can work it out with all your boys boy-band style.

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 6.58.26 PM2. Bites Bottom Lip

Welcome to the party, white boy. You may not have the moves, but you can show how into it you are by serving this face.

3. Body Roll

If you’re flexible and rhythmic, you can employ this scene-stealer. Make like ocean waves and undulate from top to bottom.

4. The Look

When you’re about the costume and require almost no movement, just get out there, stand tall, and be seen, girl!


web_dlist_dance_800 - 15. Back Dat Ass Up

Put your best asset front and center, whether you’re grinding it into your man or just showing it off.

6. Carlton Side Stepper

It’s not unusual to be loved … for your moves. Come on, Fresh Prince fans. Carlton showed us all how to serve Basic with zero Fs to give.



7. Twerk Boy

Sure it’s done, and many will say it’s over. But this is what you do best. Don’t let any bitch stop you from shaking that thing.

8. Part-time Stripper

Maybe your job used to be with a pole as your co-star. Maybe you just like popping your pussy. You do you.


Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 7.02.56 PM9. Vogue

Whether you’re still about 1991 or think you’re being Retro, gay boys are still channeling Madonna on dance floors everywhere.

10. Twirl Girl

They say never wave above the crown, but they don’t know how big your crown is. Just throw your hands up and spin, baby!



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