Hey, Daddy! Is he ‘too young’ for you?

Whether he’s been tempting you since before he was legal and you’re old enough to be his dad, or he’s, well, old enough to be your dad, here’s two ways to think through your options.

Hey, Daddy!
The first time I saw this tall, lean guy with hairy legs and a perky butt was as I walked by a baseball field at the high school near my gay gym. I noticed him noticing me, but of course knew my place. I’m not one for most younger guys in general, and definitely not an underage jock.

Well, that was two years ago. Recently, he wandered into my gym fully grown and sexier than ever, and he’s definitely checking me out. Even though he’s of legal age now, I still feel guilty when I totally stop what I’m doing, check out his ass and all the goods when he’s stripping down in the locker room, and heads to the shower.

I could be his Dad, but I really want to be his daddy. But the guilt! How young is too young when you’re checking out bare booty in the gay gym?
Looking Even Causes Highly Enhanced Randiness

Fantasy is the spice of life. In the vast majority of scenarios, I wouldn’t deny any gay man the thoughts between his ears or fault him for thinking them. You ask if it’s OK to look guilt-free, and I say Baseball Boy was always fair game within the confines of your mind.

When it gets to real life, things get dicey. If you’re actually asking if it’s OK to engage with this man, there are two schools of thought. Both are valid depending on the individual “daddy-to-be” in question.

On the one hand, he’s an adult. Your guilt can disappear from every legal standpoint on his 18th birthday. On the other, ethics and morals vary from guy to guy, and yours may still say it’s still wrong to play ball on this particular field. Since you’re asking the question, you may fall into the latter category.

As the more mature player, it’s your obligation to ask yourself the hard questions and think things through from both your perspective and his. Things to consider include the power dynamics that handicap the game: Chances to take advantage or hurt a rookie so new to the game are increased, and that’s not fair to him. Plus, his emotional maturity could create more issues than you bargained for.

Since you’re likely to see him again, whether you’re considering an extra-inning hookup or making it a regular thing, talk to the guy. Actual maturity and experience can vary widely at his age, so communicating to find out in advance is the best game plan. Chat him up to avoid trouble for you or heartache for him, and scrap your playbook at the first signs of mismatched expectations.


Hey, Daddy!
I’m recently out and have transferred my workouts to the gay gym in my neighborhood. I’m loving the brotherhood, the eye candy, and of course the locker room. There is this hot older guy who I’ve noticed for years, and I think he’s interested, but I’m not sure how to get his attention.
For the Lecher I Really Tease

Since your intended wasn’t born yesterday, believe me (and the letter above): He already knows. Rather than just checking him out and flashing the goods, be man enough to strike up a conversation and see where things go.

Daddy loves his boys. He knows the answers you need, and you’re going to get them. Reach out with your burning questions via our editor, mike@davidatlanta.com, and put “Hey, Daddy” in the subject line.  Warning: Advice in this column is intended for entertainment and novelty. Proceed at your own risk. If you’re in trouble, ask a professional for help.

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