Your cup runneth over with pretty pics of ‘Pecs & Pups’

Famed gay photographer Mike Ruiz makes every month of 2017 a little better with pretty pics of beefcake and pooches.

Everyone loves to look at pictures of adorable dogs, and everyone loves to look at pictures of beautiful hunky men. What happens when you combine the two? The internet explodes, for one.

Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue’s calendar collaboration with celebrated gay shutterbug Mike Ruiz is the other. Together they created the steamy 2017 monthly flipper called Pecs & Pups.

As you ight expect, each month features a jaw-dropping chiseled hunk paired with a rescue dog in shots you won’t soon forget, including this week’s David cover boy and the gorgeous guys on these pages. Yum.

pecspups_septRuiz’s resume speaks for itself, with clients like Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry and Prince, he’s no stranger to the celebrity world.

Of course, some TV fans may know him best from guest spots on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” putting the queens through their paces in hard-to-get shots. Still, his passion for the male figure is unparalleled and what he is best known for.

“Sculpting the human body is one of the highest art forms,” Ruiz says. “I admire the skill and knowledge required to form human tissue to near perfection. Photographing these works of art is quite gratifying to me.”

Ruiz’s fervor is apparent in his striking works, and for the Pecs & Pups calendar, he pulls out all the stops.

The calendar is guaranteed to put a smile on your face every morning. The hunks themselves are famous in their own right, including Andrew Englund, Michael Dean and Frank Carter, each with hundreds of thousands of social media followers and established links to animal rescue and advocacy.

Ruiz knew that teaming up with these guys with darling dogs would be a “marketing no-brainer,” he says. We can’t argue with that solid logic.

frank-carterBut for Ruiz, it’s also personal. He adopted his pitbull Oliver four years ago, and it invoked a desire to work with animals in need. Knowing that Oliver was basically left for dead triggered a realization that there are many other dogs like him that need homes. The photographer wanted to help by combining his passions – men, photography and dog rescue. It’s a perfect pairing, and we get to reap the rewards in the Pups & Pecs calendar.

The dogs that appear in the calendar were chosen at random – something to be noted because in most images they steal the show from their muscular partners. They are all available for adoption via the beneficiary, Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue, and they represent only a fraction of the dogs in need.

Ruiz wants to shatter misconceptions about rescue dogs, he shares.

“People think that the more you pay for a dog, the healthier and smarter he/she will be, whereas public perception of dogs from a rescue are sickly or behaviorally damaged,” he asserts. “The reality is an animal, they breed dogs endlessly to achieve certain physical qualities. Often, this type of breeding leads to physical and behavioral deficiencies.

“On the other hand,” he continues, “a rescue organization will make sure he/she is medically cared for and rehabilitated to insure that the dog will be adoptable. You are far more likely to get a happy, healthy dog from a rescue than from a backyard breeder.”

After a rough year for man, fans of Ruiz, of dogs and of beefcake, like just about everyone else, are looking forward to having a stellar 2017. There’s no better way to get through an amazing year that with a stunning image to admire each day. Pecs & Pups is a win-win-win for everyone involved.

The calendar was created out of the devotion to a wonderful cause, and it has universal appeal. It is 15 months of perfection, including three bonus months in 2018. And here you are having not even thought that far ahead yet!

Every dollar from the sale of Pecs & Pups goes directly to Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue. It makes the perfect gift for any gay man with eyes and a pulse, including yourself, it brings awareness of the dog rescue situation, and hopefully bringing one home helps bring home those in need.

Purchase the 2017-2018 Pecs & Pups calendar by Mike Ruiz for $19.95 at louieslegacy.org.

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