D List: 10 things that make you a good Daddy’s Man

Readers already weighed in on what makes a good Daddy. Now the D(avid) List flips the coin to see what you had to say about being a good younger man to him.

Compiled by Mike Fleming

Truth Telling

Being honest about who you are and what you want out of the relationship from the beginning.


No Scrubs

Don’t be flakey. Older men don’t tolerate mind games, being late, lies, or ignoring him at dinner only to drunk text at midnight.


Go There

Look for Daddies where Daddies go. Bars are less likely to score than all-ages groups like sports leagues and political mixers.



Being pretty doesn’t make you more entitled to appreciation. Mutual respect of what you offer is key


You Do You

Part of honesty is staying true to yourself. Watch your shows, do your music, and go out and have fun if that’s you.


Ask & Answer

Never be embarrassed to be a rookie. Never apologize for not knowing stuff yet. He was young once too.


Own It

If people try to give you grief about the age difference, fuck them. Never accept someone else’s judgment or shame.


Teach Him

Forget what you heard. You can still teach an old dog new tricks, and you have more to offer than that youthful glow.


Power Play

Don’t let the dynamics give him unhealthy control. Never let him take advantage or run your life.


Embrace Differences

Some cultural references, musical tastes and lifestyle choices won’t always match. Love the things that make each of you, you.

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