Atlanta guy makes his Madonna connection

Her Madgesty collides with the Son of the Moon, a gay Atlanta artist, for the opportunity of a lifetime, and the results show larger than life on the #RebelHeart stage.

By Dustin Shrader

When Madonna brings her Rebel Heart tour to the ATL next week, Atlanta artist “Son of the Moon” has a special place in it. Last summer, the Mexico native was selected over thousands to have his artwork in a special exhibit during Madge’s three concerts at the ICONIC – Portraits & Artwork inspired by “The Queen of Pop” exhibit in Italy, and now the “Son’s” artwork is also a backdrop for her arena shows.

Before you get to see his artwork huge and in your face when Madonna takes the stage, we got to know the artist’s life-changing brush with megafame, and the excitement his future holds.

Tell us about your background as an artist.

I’m originally from the North of Mexico. I came to Atlanta for work reasons. I’m a graphic designer/artist.

I just start doing my art exhibits professionally after college, which that was around 25 years ago. Then I divide my time painting and doing my art exhibits and my regular job. I came to United States in 1998. Yeah, so that’s, like, 18 years?

Anyway, I came for to design bottles of tequila. Then I was a director of art in a Latin newspaper. I’ve always been interested in the art world, not just painting and graphic stuff. I did some fashion and styling in the years that I was in Mexico as a professional, so I been involved in all kind of design work. I have clients that I did interior design, for example, too.

Where did your artist moniker, “Son of the Moon,” come from?

That name comes from some writer in Mexico. “Son of the Moon” actually comes from a song. It was so famous in the ‘80s. One of my first exhibits, I did just moons, and somebody writes an article with the title “Son of the Moon.” I did a retrospective of my work and I remembered that first title, and actually I like it. I find out that the moon was around me all the time somehow, without consciousness, so I decide to put it onto myself, “Son of the Moon.”

How did the whole “Rebel Heart” opportunity come about?

I’m a big fan, obviously, of Madonna. I saw some submission competition on Madonna’s website. She was asking fans and artists to submit portraitd of Madonna, … I had back in time three portraits of her just for that fact that I’m a fan, and I submit my three pieces. I receive an email that I was selected, and obviously that make me so happy, but I didn’t realize how big this is going to be.

Apparently, Madonna chose 20 artists from 6,000 submissions around the world. Between these 20 artists, only two were from U.S.A. – an artist from New York and myself, which obviously made me feel very good … I mean so excited about it. So from 6,000 submissions, to be selected as an artist around the world, it’s pretty cool, you know?

Where did you come up with the ideas for the pieces you submitted?

One is a portrait of her from one picture. What I did is just my interpretation. I put a rose in her mouth, and that is the center this portrait. The other one was an interpretation that I did completely different. This picture was from Dolce & Gabbana campaign back in 2011. I just paint her hands. She has gloves, and I put it in red. I did some interpretation with my style about it. These are the two pieces that she choose.

I didn’t realize, be honest with you, that she was using the artwork for her backdrop when she’s singing “Rebel Heart.” To see my paintings there, it was just shocking. I was so excited, jumping on one leg bouncing by myself when I find out … Can you imagine, as an artist, to be in the show of the most famous woman in the world?

Since your art has been used on the tour, have any other opportunities come up now that people are starting to see your work all over the world?

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Definitely, I have … I’m talking with a gallery in Miami and another one in L.A. Definitely it made a lot of difference.


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