Joe Jonas all grown up

Joe Jonas on gay clubbin’ with Nick, ‘flattering’ advances, and how a Jonas Brothers reunion could ‘easily happen’


By Chris Azzopardi


Nick Jonas isn’t the only one going to gay clubs like a good ally – his older brother, Joe, enjoys a night out with the gays too.


Joe takes his new sound to the clubs with a disc drenched in the disco-funk sounds of the ’70s. His latest post-Jonas Brothers endeavor, “SWAAY” features him as frontman to a new band collectively called DNCE.


We caught up with the all-grown-up boy bander to discuss his mission to “encourage people to be themselves,” recent talks with Nick regarding a Jonas Brothers reunion, and getting down in gay clubs.


David Atlanta: Why disco?

Joe Jonas: It’s something I grew up listening to quite a bit; it was always played in the house. My dad grew up in the ’70s and always really loved everything funk and disco, and it was the one style of music that all of us in DNCE loved. It helped us embody what this has become – this kind of disco-rock-pop stuff that we were able to brew up.


Disco is obviously steeped in gay culture. Have you ever gotten down at a gay club?

I went to a gay club with Nick a few months ago – it was really fun! And actually, I was really impressed by the DJ – he played everything and was all over the map. His musicality was really great, and we just had a great time.


Was this your first time at a gay club?

Well… I’ve accidentally gone to gay clubs before! (Laughs) I think that’s happened to a few people. But, you know, it was cool. We went out with some of our friends who are gay. I just think we live in a world where obviously it’s not a big deal – it’s fine – and you can have fun wherever you go and make the best of it.


At what point did you realize the club was gay?

Getting hit on by more men than you would usually get hit on by.


What is that experience like for you?

It’s flattering. I don’t mind if someone is nice. And it’s been cool to see at these concerts too. … I feel like the music is helping people express themselves in a way. I’m seeing people with glitter on their face, with the brightest colors. I love that we can encourage people to be themselves.


You hear so many stories about child stars, and we see so many of them not make it. How did you survive, and what advice would you give someone as young as you were?

Man, it’s definitely difficult. The first thing is remembering that you’re not crazy for thinking or doing the things you wanna do. It’s really important to be your own artist and be creative, and if you wanna be a certain way or if there’s a style of music you wanna go with, take that journey.


Will you and Nick – and even your other brother, Kevin – ever do anything musically together again?

I would say so. Nick and I have a few ideas to work with other artists who we really like. There are a couple of artists out there that we think are really incredible that we’d like to work together with. And then, there’s always down the road. We don’t really ever wanna say never to anything just because there could be something that comes along our way that we might say, “You know, let’s try working on this song together.” … who knows – years from now we could be like, “All right, let’s make a record.” It could easily happen.

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