Hottest New Tech Gadgets to Please Your Inner Nerd!

By Jason Mietelski

So far, this summer has been wild and HOT, which means you probably need some grown-up gadgets to make the heat last! And since we know that things like work, dates with a sexy new guy, beach trips and barbeques make it difficult to get out there and shop for the latest must-have tech-toy—we made it easy and compiled a sizzling list just for you! From gear to make your smartphone more integrated into your daily routine, to gizmos that’ll help you care for your plants and beloved pets, we’ve got you covered!

Tech1. Ring Smartphone Gesture Controller. Just slip this bad boy onto your index finger and begin typing texts, writing tweets, sending emails, snapping photos and more! The Ring connects through Bluetooth so you can gesture in the air like magic to control your smartphone, Google Glass or Smartwatch. Wearers can customize gestures and the adjustable ring comes with a charging stand that looks like a finger. Prices from $130 (

Tech42. HearNotes Earbuds. For a truly wire-free, hi-fi music listening experience with Kleer technology. No more getting tangled up in cords or Bluetooth fade to worry about! Pre-order now for $219 (




Tech63. Prynt. The cool new case that turns your Smartphone into a Polaroid! Simply snap your phone into Prynt and voila! The soon-to-be-released version will hold 10-30 sheets of paper and instantly print pictures in 30 seconds. Prices will start at $99 (



Tech74. PetCube. The PetCube features a wide angle 138 degree camera with RealTime HD video so you can keep an eye on Fido with your Smartphone. You can also talk and interact with your pet through the built in speaker, or even play with kitty with the remote controlled laser pointer toy. ($199) Free shipping, no tax, from





Tech105. Motorola Scout 5000. This is a great interactive for dog owners as it’s not only a GPS tracking device so you can find Rover if he gets loose, but the Scout 5000 also streams live 720p video to your smartphone so you can see where he is, and even shout commands to him if he’s making a ruckus in the back yard. Buy it on Amazon for $159.99



Tech36. Intel Compute Stick. Turn any HDMI display into a fully functional computer! With the Intel Compute Stick’s plug-n-play capability, you can work on the internet with your TV, engage in social networking, stream movies and more! Starting at $139 on



Tech27. Glagla Digitsole. Not only does the Digitsole warm your feet and provide arch support, you can connect it to your Smartphone through Glagla’s app so you can track your steps, calories burned, distance and even altitude with the world’s first smart-Bluetooth insole. ($199) (



Tech88. Parrot Flower Power H20. Going away for a few days and need to keep your indoor foliage beautiful? Or maybe you’ve got a green thumb and need extra help with your plants? Parrot Flower Power keeps track of your plant’s soil and temperature and delivers water and nutrients as needed. Even connects to your smartphone to provide updates. From $59.99 (



Tech129. Smarter Wi-Fi Coffee Machine. Now you can control your coffee maker with your smartphone or tablet. This machine grinds beans and brews fresh coffee to your preferred strength, all from your phone while you’re lying in bed or on your way home from a date. From $279 (



Tech1110. Floor Plan Light Switch. Ever get confused when you’re in the dark, trying to find the right switch to light up a specific room in your house? Well, worry no more. Things have become simplified: with the backlit Floor Plan switch just touch the desired room to illuminate the right place. From $157 (



Tech911. Oral-B Smart Series 7000 w/Bluetooth. The world’s first toothbrush that connects to your Smartphone via Bluetooth. Connection with the Oral-B app helps you track brushing habits, focus on important areas that need more attention, and even tells you if you’re brushing too hard. From $169 on




Tech512. Lantronix Zano. Now this one’s just COOL. Use your Android phone or iOS to control this amazing little drone to capture stunning 5MP photos and even video from the air! From $299 (




How do you think those amazing aerial shots were taken at the Joining Hearts pool party in Piedmont Park, boys? Keep an eye on the sky, ‘cause you never know what’s lurking overhead!

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