Comparison Shopping: Which App is Apt for You?

By Jeffrey Silvey

Once upon a time dating was organic. You dressed up for a trip to the grocery store because you never knew just who you might meet whilst buying food for one and hoping it would someday be for two. The dating world has changed and gone mobile, making meeting people so simple. With simplicity comes frustration though because now there are so many dating apps to choose from. This app breakdown might be able to help you pick an app that suits you and the connection you want to make. You may never have to dress up for the produce isle again.

App3Grindr: Although it has a tremendously low rating on the app store, it still proves very popular. As one of the first gay dating apps it really paved the way for the many that have since succeeded it. By simply creating a registered account you can see which shirtless torsos are closest to you. Many guys on Grindr claim “no hookups” but will instantly start trading you for X rated pics. It’s not the best dating app at all, but it definitely deserves recognition for being one of the first. It’s pretty much built into every gay man’s phone and can still be put to good use every now and then.


App4Scruff: Very similar to Grindr, this app also uses a location system but adds more of a matchmaker quality. Not only can you just scroll through everyone around you at random, you can go through matches that the app has chosen just for you. You can approve or reject the matches, and if you select a match that has also selected you then you both get notified of the match. It’s like making eye contact with your crush, but only online! The design isn’t as sleek as its competitors, but the guys on this app are more of a variety than the other niche categories. But that might be because this app was designed for the gays that don’t fit the Grindr mold, except now all of the Grindr gays migrate to Scruff when they’re bored and want to find a “scruffy and hairy guy.” Eh, oh well.

App5Tinder: Arguably the most popular dating app right now, it’s the most equal opportunity app since it includes everyone! They say they respect privacy but you have to use your Facebook account to log in, meaning your social profile is also linked to your dating profile. The upside is that the app acts as a matchmaker of sorts and lets you swipe left or right to indicate how worthy you think they are. From there the app becomes a Facebook account for dating. This may seem cool at first, until you realize that there is a lot of stuff you put on Facebook that you don’t want your potential date to see. Do they really need to know that you’re a huge Taylor Swift fan?

App2BearGrind: This app takes the current platforms of the competing apps and takes it right up to that next level. Instead of existing solely as an app it also exists as a webpage, making it easy to connect on any device, mobile or desktop. It’s Facebook meets Tinder meets Grindr meets Growlr. It is a social networking platform that focuses its market on the bear community with the intention of shifting gay networking sites away from hook up culture and more towards connectivity and cultivating real relationships.
A Word On Profiles

Establishing an online identity can be a tough cookie to crack. Once you’ve chosen your app it’s not that hard to build a great profile to represent you. The most important thing to decide on is the picture! I know you’re probably thinking you don’t need a picture to protect your privacy, or that you can just flaunt your abs to attract more messages but ignore both of these thoughts! The best picture to choose is one of you out with your friends at a club, party, or bar. It will show you in your element, and hopefully with a nice smile. Selfies work too; just make sure they’re not you looking moody or over-glammed like a fake model for no real reason.

The physical details are very important! Everything you put as a description of you must be believable because these people will be seeing you in person (that’s the goal, right?). The truth is the best policy, but if you want to stretch the truth then do it reasonably! Do not lie about your age more than three years because your date will know that you’re 63 in really life when you say you’re 42 on Grindr. Do not take more than ten pounds off of your weight and do not add more than 2 inches to your height. These things, just like desperation, are very noticeable so be wise!

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