After the Sashay – Miss Fame: Support From Her ‘Fame-ly’

Miss Fame
Miss Fame

This may not have been the episode for Miss Fame to shine. Play-acting is not her strong suit, nor is looking ugly. Even in a runway challenge asking for the ‘ugliest dress’, Miss Fame couldn’t hit that mark, thus she went home. Her story by no means ends there as simultaneously Fame’s single “Rubber Doll” was released on YouTube that very night she was eliminated to instant success.


David Atlanta: How are you feeling today?


Miss Fame: At first I was really happy because I went online and saw that my new YouTube video “Rubber Doll” blew up overnight. Then I watched Untucked, and I got really sad. Then I talked to my manager, and now I’m happy again. I’ve been all over the place today. How are you?


DA: I’m great! Thanks so much for taking a moment to chat with me. I just watched “Rubber Doll”. It is really great work. Tell me about the concept for the video.


MF: Some of my clients (makeup) that have been attracted to the allure of Miss Fame are cross dressers. When I started working with these men, I began going to Latex Balls and such with them. I learned a lot more about Miss Fame because of working with these clients. I journaled it all away over a year ago not knowing that my journal would become the basis for the songs in my album.


DA: When can we expect the rest of the album to be released?


MF: It will be soon. I can say that. I’m very proud of it. It’s really delicious content on the album. RPDR is an amazing jumping off point. The challenges and the barrage of information being thrown at you during the filming makes you a stronger. It’s my responsibility now to make stuff for the supporters and fans that got me on the show.


DA: You had said that you were upset when you watched Untucked. Why were you upset?


MF: You’re reliving the feelings. I know how all happened, I was there. Yet when you watch it you’re seeing it from the camera’s perspective. So I saw the tensions were really high between the girls…it’s tough to live through again. Those feelings are embedded in your soul. So when you watch it, they all come back…feeling it all over again.


DA: What was your favorite experience from being on the show?


MF: Staying every week. It’s always a great to be able to say, “I’m still here”, and continue to be able to showcase myself. I also loved those humanizing moments when like Katya and I shared the struggle of sobriety, and let each other know that there was someone else there that understood the difficulties and the struggles. She needed just as much love as I did. That’s the kind of television that makes it all worth it.


DA: During the show, you, Violet and Pearl would consistently end up paired together for group challenges. Why do you think that is?


MF: I said it in the last episode…”Gurl, we just got bundled up!” It was because these were challenges that we were not going to excel at. I think we all did pretty darn good considering the situation. I watched the episode with dread, but then I thought that I did ok. I pushed myself. I was weirdly funny. I don’t think it was the worst thing to go home on.


Me and Pearl bumped heads in that episode too, and even in Untucked it was apparent. The reality is that I have nothing but love for Pearl. I think that she is an extraordinary person. I admire what we were all able to accomplish in that situation.


DA: So it’s safe to say that you and Pearl have made up.


MF: Oh yeah, we’ve seen each other. We’ve done photo editorial together…We sat on the plane for the premiere for like six hours connecting, listening to music and laughing. Those moments kind of reestablished our relationship.


DA: Did you know that you had a Wikipedia page now? You’re the only one of the girls this season that has one.


MF: Yeah, my husband told me. The brand has to be polished like a well-oiled machine!


DA: Going back to RPDR, who do you think is going to win?


MF: Um…I definitely have those certain directions I think it’ll go. I love Violet. I adore Violet. Violet has my heart. But that doesn’t mean shit. (laughs)


DA: (laughs)


MF: You might think you have an idea of what’s happening, but we all know how sudden and shocking the show can be. I’m shocked when I’m watching, and I lived it! So I’m just going to stay out of it.


DA: So what’s next for Miss Fame? Obviously the album is coming out very soon, but then what?


MF: I’m working on some new videos that I’m very excited about. I wanna just push myself to be bigger and more beautiful. I also would like to be able to put myself out there even more with the support of my “Fame-ly” of fans that have gotten me this far.

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