Business Spotlight: MINI of Kennesaw

LGBT Specialists may be the wave of the future for more and more companies as they realize the power of the almighty gay dollar. One such company pushing into this new wave is MINI Cooper of Kennesaw. They saw a need for an LGBT Specialist, especially with MINI Cooper having a very loyal LGBT ownership demographic. Enter Calisto Havarlias. Many of us have known Calisto for years. In the past he was the LGBT Specialist at the world’s largest producer of spirits, Diageo.

Starting at the beginning of this year, Calisto joined forces with MINI of Kennesaw as their LGBT Specialist. Both parties found that they already shared a lot in common. “I met with the owner of  MINI of Kennesaw, Street Nalley, and knew I would love working with everyone at our dealership and all the Sons Auto Group Dealerships” states Calisto, “because we all share the same work ethic, principles, and genuine respect for all people.”

IMG_8814MINI Cooper of Kennesaw, together with Calisto, created a universal message that they are sending out to the LGBT community: “Love Thy Neighbor.” The Nalley Brothers have always had a strong belief of respect for all their customers. “Personally, I think it so refreshing to see an automotive group take a stance in this direction” pronounces Calisto, “and I hope it creates a footprint for other auto groups to do the same.”

When you are looking for a vehicle at MINI Cooper of Kennesaw, you will always be treated with a kind smile, and offered a pressure-free environment to shop for your new ride. Oh, and let’s not forget Calisto’s partner in crime, the gorgeous hunk, James Tanner. He’s not only easy on the eyes, but James works at the dealership full-time so he is always available to give you a  test-drive, and an overall amazing vehicle purchasing experience. Together, Calisto and James make a great team, and there is never a dull moment. “I’m more of the marketing side, and he is the sales side” asserts Calisto.

For the entirety of this year you will see Calisto riding around in a specially wrapped, brand new 2015 four-door MINI. The best part is that you can register to win this car at the end of this year at one of the bigger LGBT events. “This is the first year it has been released” states Calisto, “so we are very proud of it. It truly drives like a dream. Our website, is currently under construction, where you will be able to register to #winmymini. Please LIKE my Facebook Page, miniofkennesawlgbt to stay abreast of  all the fun LGBT Events we will be doing and know when the registration goes live.”

In addition to the chance to win this car, MINI of Kennesaw has also recently become a gold sponsor for the 2015 Men of David competition. “I felt like it only made sense” Calisto exclaims. “I was lucky enough to get to give the title away last year to Mr. Rick Twombley, and it was truly a fun event. I can only imagine how big it will be this year, and we’re very excited to be apart of all the fun.”

In a world where you see businesses closing their doors to LGBT consumers, it’s truly nice to see that companies like MINI of Kennesaw are reaching out and expanding their marketing plans to not only target our market, but also to be an ally as we move forward towards equality. Who knows, maybe the MINI will become the stylish and sleek choice for the new car to own for our community.

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