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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Marcus Patrick

By Jonathan Bugg

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 12.16.50 AMOn the surface Marcus Patrick looks perfect. Smoldering, slightly ethnic eyes (English, Scottish, French, Jamaican, Cuban, and Native Indian), chiseled features, broad shoulders, and a spectacularly muscled body. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting from our conversation, but I definitely wasn’t expecting the depth of thought and soul that spilled out. Here are just five things that I learned:

1. Before his stint as a soap actor on Days of Our Lives, Marcus was a member of a boy band called Worlds Apart, put together by Simon Cowell in the 90’s. “It doesn’t matter what I am doing for a living at any given time. Whether I’m a soap actor, a dancer at Swinging Richard’s, or acting in whatever. As long as it helps me to do my real work which is to upgrade and help people.”

2. Marcus lives on a plant-based diet that is similar to being a vegan, but he allows himself some things like honey. “A couple of times a day, I have a smoothy by a company called Garden of Life. In that smoothy it contains pretty much everything that the human body needs down to the cellar level. That’s how I maintain muscle tissue.”

3. Though he is British originally, he has a strong opinion on MLK Weekend and it’s meaning to him. “Martin Luther King along with all the other great black pioneers have all done wonderful work. We stand on the shoulders of great men and women of the past that spoke out on certain issues, fought against oppression, and heightened our conscious during that era.”

4. He has planted fruit and nut trees all around his house. “It’s like the Garden of Eden with peaches, apricot, almonds, and just about every other kind of fruit tree I could fit on the property.”

5. He has no problem with nudity and performing for men. ”I Just have a free spirit…. I believe God put us on the planet naked, so what’s the sin in being naked? I don’t look at men or women as anything other than that they are all children of God, so it doesn’t really matter to me who I’m performing for.”Marcus will be appearing at Swinging Richard’s during Martin Luther King Weekend. Check out both his website and his seductive calendar at

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