Film Review: ‘The Gays’


I recently watched The Gays and was quite taken away with the movie. It is a raunchy comedy that depicts what happens when a man is purposely raised to be gay. To keep it short and simple, this guy explains what it was like being raised by two male parents through a series of stories that he experienced during his upbringing. Right away, the viewers learn that not only is the movie is going to be gay…literally, but the families last name is actually “Gay”.

This movie is replete with good actors who make the film funny, but weird. First, Mike Russnak (Alex Gay) gives an uncanny performance as one of the sons in the movie. Chris Tanner (Bob Gay-Paris) the father that is living as a tranny is hilarious and is quite the queen. Frank Holliday (Rod Gay) gives lots of laughs with his dominant head of the household personality. Finally, Flip Jorgensen (Tommy Gay) as the other son and Nicholas Wilder (Kevin), the curious guy in the bar both have minor speaking roles throughout the film, both are playing supporting roles. The cast selected for this film was perfect, and each actor will keep the heads of the viewers shaking the entire movie.

Alex Gay is sitting in a bar located in Los Angeles drinking a beer. Kevin sparks a conversation with Alex. Kevin tells Alex that he is new in town coming from Sacramento. Alex gives him an informal welcome to LA. Kevin quickly tells Alex that is not easy being gay in Sacramento; Alex informs him that being gay in LA is easy. Alex proceeds to explain to Kevin that his parents raised him and his brother, Tommy Gay to be gay. Puzzled by what he is hearing, Kevin begins to ask questions. Alex explains that his entire family is made up of gay men, including his mother who is a tranny.

dvd-coverWithout giving too much away, Alex tells a serious of stories from his upbringing. One story told, is how discipline was handled while growing up. One afternoon, Rod Gay and Bob Gay-Paris are sitting in the living room. Rod Gay calls for Alex to come downstairs. After arriving, Alex is asked about something he did not do the previous night to his friend Billy that stayed over. After a brief talk Alex is told, “You know the drill.” He walks over to the front door, undresses himself and proceeds to climb into a sex sling attached to the front door. Next, Alex’s friend is called downstairs to punish him. Alex receives not so sexual pleasure (obviously he is being a bottom) from Billy while being in the sling. The stories told in this movie, are not the “ordinary” stories of a “normal” upbringing. Each story told includes Rod Gay and Bob Gay-Paris teaching their sons how to execute sexual activities or fetish-like activities of all types. Every story illustrates a descriptive raunchy picture that will leave you in stitches from laughing so hard or will leave you feeling disgusted. One thing is certain about this film; it is not relatable when you think of the typical upbringing of a child. Some gay males, may find that a few of the stories in this film sound familiar, and they may even reminisce about a few encounters of their own.

Overall, this is an extremely weird film filled with inappropriate language and scenes not suitable for anyone under the age of 18. This movie is definitely not for those that are religiously sensitive. I must admit, while watching this film I thought for a moment that I was dispatching my soul to hell. Even though I have no plans of watching this movie again, I do recommend watching this film if anyone is searching for a funny, raunchy, weird and twisted movie. Enjoy!

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