Untucked: Wild Cherry Sucret

Sometimes You Gotta Suck on a Wild Cherry Sucret!

Let’s go back…way back to 1999. An aspiring camp queen by the name of Wild Cherry Sucret auditioned for the famous camp drag group, The Armorettes, and didn’t make it. But as Aaliyah used to say, “If at first you don’t succeed, get up and try again”. In her case, she wiped her mouth, got off her knees and with a load of determination, she tried it again the following year and made it in. She has been helping them raise the millions of dollars that they’ve raised to date to benefit folks living with HIV/AIDS.

However, today she’s with them only part time because of her busy schedule. She is co-chair for Entertainment and the Coordinator for the annual Starlight Cabaret show for the Pride festival (not to mention co-emcee). She also host a game segment for the popular Big Gay Game show every third Wednesday at the Jungle for a year now, and sister girl has her own Monday night show at Blake’s (Brain Freeze Trivia and Family Feud combo, $500 given away each week!). With all that hosting duty, she could probably use a wild cherry sucret…speaking of which…

Where did you get that name?

In 1995, I was actually a part of a singing “drag group” in Athens and one day we decided to pick a name for our group. We chose the “Sucrets” because someone had a sore throat and there was a tin of Sucrets on the cocktail table – Honey Lemon, Eucalyptus and Wild Cherry – The Sucrets. We were a hit performing Best of My Love by the Emotions.

Well I’m glad you didn’t have Ibuprofen on that table! So what do you enjoy most about being Wild Cherry Sucret?

Making people laugh! That’s why I do it. I remember when the Armorettes worked at Backstreet back in the day, a customer walked up to me and said that he was positive and that this was the first time he had laughed since finding out. That’s why I do it. To give people an escape from their lives and just laugh and have a good time.

Tell us the your wildest moment as an Armorette?

Definitely the Trailer Park Christmas Show. One year I decided to do Bing Crosby’s White Christmas…as a KKK member. People lost their minds. iPhones were out and everyone was filming it. I finished the number and walked away. Knomie Moore got on the mic and was like, “Um…come back out here and show the audience it was a black person doing it”. I guess it’s a legendary story now because people still talk about it today.

And on that note, we’re at the end of our interview, any advice you’ll like to give an aspiring camp queen out there?

Make it funny! You don’t have to look crazy or ugly. Just make it funny! You can be pretty like me!

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