Eating Out: Drama Camp’s cast will have you wanting s’more

Eating Out Drama CampSeven years ago, “Eating Out” – the movie franchise better known for showcasing its actors’ private parts than their acting talent – entered gay consciousness. Since then, three sequels have spawned, the latest of which, “Eating Out: Drama Camp” (on DVD Oct. 25), finds partnered Casey (Daniel Skelton) and Zack (Chris Salvatore) at a crossroads in their relationship. Enter “straight” boy Benji (Aaron Milo) stage left and the usual antics ensue – many without pants. In a recent interview, the movie’s stars came together to discuss their on- and off-screen chemistry, the script’s sometimes cringe-worthy comedy, how social media impacts low-budget films like this, and where the group is headed for installment five – the setting of which will undoubtedly expose even more skin.

MIKEY ROX: The boys are back! How does it feel to return to the “Eating Out” franchise for your second go round?

CHRIS SALVATORE: So amazing! Filming these movies is always such a blast. Lots of laughs all day on set.

DANIEL SKELTON: It feels great. It was a really fun experience since we were already so comfortable with each other.

MR: Chris, while filming “Eating Out: All You Can Eat,” you were dating your co-star Michael Walker. I’m sure that helped with the on-screen chemistry. Did you employ a similar technique for “Eating Out: Drama Camp”?

CS: [Laughs] There was definitely some off-screen chemistry that made the sex scenes all the more fun.

MR: You and Aaron have a couple very steamy scenes in this movie. Was there any prep work involved? Don’t be shy.

CS: Of course he throws the question my way! Let’s just say there was some scene-study rehearsals that helped. [Laughs]

MR: Aaron, assuming you saw the previous installments in the “Eating Out” franchise, you knew that the new guy always shows a generous amount of skin. Were you ready for that?

AARON MILO: I saw the first “Eating Out” years ago, so I didn’t make an assumption or even really have an idea of how much skin I would show. I definitely knew going into it what I wasn’t going to show. I don’t know if I’d ever be ready to expose myself in such a vulnerable way. But I let go, and it ended up being a really fun and, well, interesting experience, to say the least.

MR: Your ass is really… nice.

AM: Thanks, mom!

MR: Let’s discuss the script. There’s no denying that the “Eating Out” movies can be classified as campy and even raunchy, but there are some jokes in this film that push the boundaries. There’s a jab about Lindsay Lohan’s, um, itchy nether regions. She’s been known to sue people for saying bad things regarding her substance abuse and sexual proclivities. Are the writers worried?

Milo_Salvatore_SkeltonAM: Worried? Hilarious. [Q.] Allan [Brocka] is fearless with his humor. You get it or you don’t. If you don’t, I’m not sure what drew you to watch a movie called “Eating Out: Drama Camp” in the first place.

DS: I highly doubt the writers – who are amazing – really care about Lindsay Lohan’s feelings. But I do. I love Lindsay!

CS: If Lindsay Lohan were to sue, I think we are in pretty good shape if she’s watching the movie.

MR: There’s another joke about the late Brittany Murphy that is less than flattering – and that’s an understatement. Did anyone think that joke was too soon and too vulgar?

AM: I was a little shocked when I first read that joke. I was a little worried that joke may not fly, but it was a joke and it wasn’t said with ill intent. I don’t really know if anyone felt it was out of line.

DS: I think people know what kind of humor to expect from the “Eating Out” films. It’s abrasive but funny and sharp and sometimes unexpected. I love that about these movies.

MR: You’re all regular Facebook users. How does social media affect the marketing of a movie like this?

DS: I think it helps for sure. It’s also really nice to connect with people who have seen the films and read their feedback.

AM: It’s so important. People are able to get so much more than just a movie poster nowadays; they can interact and learn so much more about the cast and crew through Internet marketing. I’m so grateful to be able to connect with my fans so easily and on such an interactive level.

CS: Love social media – especially twitter! Follow me @CSalvatore.

MR: Will do. After “Eating Out: Drama Camp” comes “Eating Out: The Open Weekend.” Any spoilers you can give into the next sequel?

AM: No, no. I’m not gonna be the one giving everything away. You gotta watch.

DS: It takes place in Palm Spring sand there are a lot of hot guys. How’s that for a spoiler?

CS: Everyone is pretty much naked the whole movie. [Laughs]

Mikey Rox is an award-winning journalist whose work has been published in The Advocate, Instinct, Frontiers in L.A., David Atlanta, reFRESH magazine, and many other LGBT publications. Follow him on Twitter @mikeyrox.

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